Modern Systems’ New Business Term Analysis Capability Enhances Existing Business Rules Extraction Solution

New Feature Helps Predict the Impact of Change Associated with Application Modernization

Dallas, March 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Modern Systems, a leader in application modernization, today announced availability of its new business term analysis* functionality, a key development in the ongoing evolution of the company’s Modernization Platform as a Service (ModPaaS™) portfolio.

ModPaaS is a cloud-agnostic platform available on AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud Marketplaces. It allows organizations to analyze and modernize their legacy application systems in a collaborative manner.

Business term analysis is an important addition to Modern Systems’ existing business rules extraction capabilities. Combined, these features allow customers to further reduce cost and risk associated with modernization projects by eliminating the guesswork in planning by having full visibility into their complex applications. Organizations can leverage business terms as a strategic lever for modernization initiatives, by defining and predicting the impact of change on their applications across the entire enterprise.

With this new feature, users can automatically identify all of the variables used by an application, and then map these variables to a defined business term. Usage can be captured across one or more application programs and ranked based on usage statistics.  For example, statistics might include variables in decisions, assignments, computations, file IO, screen IO or User Interface code.  After the usage is captured and ranked, it can then be sorted and displayed interactively based on user preferences.

A detailed usage of every direct, indirect and subordinate variable reference is identified and presented within each program.  Customers can select specific variables to add to an existing or new global dictionary of business terms. 

With Modern Systems' solutions, business rules describing the policies and procedures defined by the business are made visible and easy to analyze. Entire customer teams can become knowledgeable about any set of applications, eliminating the risk associated with the loss of specialized technical staff. Customer teams can visualize the impact of a change and predict the outcome of the change in minutes.

Organizations can gain assistance with reengineering initiatives such as the creation of macro or microservices functionality by allowing them to mine mainframe COBOL business rules from within application logic. Select rules can be extracted from the code and saved as COBOL, and then automatically converted to the customer’s preferred target language such as Java or C#. The modern code can then be further optimized and refactored if needed.

Starting from the original business rules ensures customers’ understanding of the base usage requirements from the code before they begin building out any new functionality.

“Businesses need even more insights from their modernization solutions partners to help untether them from legacy environments,” said Brandon Edenfield, president and CEO, Modern Systems. “Today’s product enhancements help organizations eliminate the guesswork in anticipating the impact of change, transforming their architectures and accelerating their ability to ride the next wave of technology.”

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About Modern Systems
Modern Systems is a leading provider of application modernization services, with more than 200 modernization projects completed worldwide during the past 30 years, and 1.5 billion lines of code processed through our tools. Modern Systems is a global provider of modernization solutions for legacy application source code, data, and platform transformations. Our combined resources, technologies and global reach makes us one of the largest independent legacy application modernization companies in the world. 

*Business term analysis is also a feature of Modern Systems’ Enterprise Application Viewer (eav®), a product within the ModPaaS portfolio.


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