Huawei Successfully Demonstrates NCE for 5G Wireless Transport Interoperability at ETSI Plugtests™ Event

Tokyo, Japan, March 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- The ETSI 1st mWT NCE Plugtests™, proposed and strongly supported by Huawei as Chair of the ETSI mWT ISG, is an important first milestone for the microwave transmission industry, successfully demonstrating NCE for 5G wireless transport interoperability in real-world conditions.

The future networks will become more and more complex. NCE (Network Cloud Engine) is one of the basic pillars upon which future networks will be founded, providing the agility, flexibility and automation that are essential to deploy next generation services. After publishing a Whitepaper about microwave and NCE Use Cases, the mWT ISG decided, on Huawei’s proposal, to proceed to an actual interoperability test.

This is the first time that an Interoperability Test has been performed on the Northbound Interface of an NCE Controller, based on the Standard Restconf / YANG Data Models and protocols defined by IETF. Seven Equipment Vendors, including Huawei, representing almost 90% of the worldwide wireless transport market, clearly proves the relevance and the impact of this Interoperability Test.

All of the venders finish this NCE test on time with 100% success, the fast and trouble-free convergence of all Vendors’ solutions to fully comply with the standard and interoperate flawlessly is a very promising premise to the future of NCE in Telecommunication Networks.

Given the successful of this first Plugtests™ and the almost universal participation by the Wireless Transport Industry, Huawei will continue to contribute to the 5G Wireless Transport network.

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