Convey’s Launches Conduct Email Marketing Campaign Technology in Full Release

ATLANTA, March 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convey Services today announced the full release of Conduct™ Campaign, the email marketing solution that distributes drip campaigns created in a centralized portal and delivered to portals connected to the network. Previously released in beta, Conduct is integrated with every Convey portal platform and can deliver 4 outbound emails, a sign-up page or referral link. Contacts are added by each individual portal member and their lists are secured with Convey's proprietary ListLock™ technology. Campaigns are distributed to portal members who can schedule them to run without additional customization.

“Conduct is designed for sales partners that don’t have the time, marketing expertise or desire to create email campaigns on their own for the products or services they represent,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey. “Conduct delivers multiple emails to engage an audience, creating a variety of calls to action to get customers or prospects to explore revenue-producing opportunities. Conduct is now available on all of our telecommunications master agent portals and on the Conduct Campaign website.”

Conduct was launched in 2018 in beta to gather feedback on the user experience from sales partners in the telecommunications and cloud channel. Response from the initial release allowed Convey to expand automation of email campaign delivery, enhance data reporting, and add additional capabilities in the Contact Manager CRM. Conduct now features an easy-to-use email scheduling engine, multiple response options such as branded landing pages and referral links, centralized reporting on email performance and campaign response, and a fully customized contact management module.

“In the telecom/cloud space we’ve added vendor agnostic marketing campaigns on hosted voice, expense reduction, managed services, cyber security and failover,” added Bradfield. “These are all campaigns that master agents can deliver to their sales partners so they can generate inbound demand and select the vendors of their choice. We expect to have a steady stream of new campaigns every month that are general in nature or sponsored by one of our premier vendor partners. Email marketing is by far the best prospecting tool, delivering better results than all of social media combined.”

Conduct was initially rolled out in the telecommunications and cloud channel but will soon be available in the property and casualty insurance and food distribution markets. Conduct is available within the newly-announced Partner Program and is integrated into all Convey portals and portal networks.

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Convey Services delivers content and marketing portals and connects them into networks to inform, educate and engage channel partners and direct sellers in the telecom/cloud space, the property and casualty insurance market and food distribution industry.  Convey’s portal technology automates and organizes partner management, has tools to engage and educate partners and integrates email marketing technology for members to run packaged email marketing campaigns to their customers and prospects. For information visit, or call 888-975-1382.

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