B. Braun Offering Plenamine™ 15% Amino Acids Injection in Flexible Containers

BETHLEHEM, Pa., March 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- B. Braun Medical Inc., a leader in parenteral nutrition, now offers Plenamine 15% Amino Acids Injection in 1-liter Pharmacy Bulk Package (PBP) flexible containers. With a port designed for easy spiking and linear and 2D barcodings, Plenamine 15% in a flexible container also has an oxygen sensor to detect product integrity. The flexible container for Plenamine 15% is not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP, or PVC.

Plenamine 15% amino acids for injection is part of B. Braun’s Parenteral Nutrition Program (PN360), a complete therapeutic approach to nutrition through a comprehensive offering of products, education, training, and consultative services. “PN360 is a collaborative program with pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and dietitians to tailor nutritional therapy for the most critical hospital patients, and is designed to help reduce medical errors, infections, and re-admissions,” said Rob Albert, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at B. Braun.

Plenamine 15% Amino Acids Injection is a sterile, clear, nonpyrogenic solution of essential and nonessential amino acids for intravenous infusion in parenteral nutrition following appropriate dilution. Plenamine 15% is not for direct infusion. It is a sterile dosage form, which contains several single doses for use in a pharmacy admixture program in the preparation of intravenous parenteral fluids.

For additional information, please see the Full Prescribing Information.

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