The Clean Energy Index® theme closes First Quarter 2019 Up +23%

ENCINITAS, Calif., April 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The WilderHill Clean Energy Index® theme was up 1st Quarter about +23%. First, in January the ECO Index® was up some +20%. After January’s open near 44, February added roughly +10% more, ECO going from 53 to 58. March declined from its peak, to end that month near 55 for a volatile, although upwards Quarter overall.          

A +23% jump over Q1 isn’t sustainable. Plus, ECO passively captures an emerging theme so also can & does at times ‘drop like a rock.’ That said, such volatile gains in ECO have been seen before; January of 2006 saw a +26% rise in ECO Index and a +31% rise for Q1 2006.  

Since the start of 2017 when the Clean Energy Index® was near 38, ECO has now increased roughly by +45% the past two years.

Yet looking back farther presents a strongly downwards picture. Last 5 years the clean energy sector as captured by ECO Index is clearly off some -25%. Several major energy themes have downwards stories as well; an oil story is down about -60%, & a natural gas story is down about -70%. Hence ‘brown’ themes for oil & natural gas - fell more than a ‘green’ clean energy theme last 5 years. And the past 10 years presents a tremendous crash in the volatile clean energy sector shown by ECO, with some major fossil fuel themes falling even more.

The WilderHill® New Energy Global Innovation theme that passively captures new energy worldwide mainly outside the U.S., is up Q1 & for the last 2 years, although less so than ECO. Last 5 years the global NEX story is off roughly -10%, so it’s clearly negative here too, yet ‘less down’ than many Indexes and active Funds for renewables - and ‘brown’ fossil fuel themes.

ECO Index live since 2004, is first & best-known to capture the emerging clean energy sector. It is a benchmark, and product of WilderShares.

Dr. Rob Wilder is lead-Manager for the ECO Index, and co-Manager for the NEX,

Information provided for informational and educational purposes only, regarding only a passive Index, and nothing contained herein is investment advice. Neither WilderHill, nor WilderShares® makes any recommendation. Past performance is not an indication of future results. All Rights Reserved.

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