LFPR Joins Burgeoning Communications Powerhouse Bastion Collective and Rebrands as Bastion Elevate

IRVINE, Calif., April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bastion Collective, the largest privately-owned Australian communications group, has taken another step toward building an elite portfolio of communications services in the United States with the addition of LFPR, an innovative, respected PR, social media and digital services provider based in Irvine, California. With this move, LFPR has been rebranded Bastion Elevate and will anchor Bastion Collective’s PR and social media business in the US. As part of the agency’s transition into the Collective, Bastion Elevate is strategically integrating with the additional marketing, digital and branding services which comprise Bastion Collective.

“Bastion Elevate will serve as an integral component of Bastion Collective’s growth strategy for the US,” said Dax Cornelius, CEO of Bastion Collective – USA. “The more I learned about the way they work and the success they are able to achieve for their clients each and every day, the more I knew we absolutely had to have this team in our corner. Bastion Elevate will be actively involved in both our own PR and social media efforts for the Collective as well as an essential additional service for many of our customers who will benefit from the increased exposure and enhanced profile Bastion Elevate can bring to their business.”

With this acquisition, Bastion Collective will have the ability to offer a range of complementary services that can be picked up a la carte or as part of a unified package of communications offerings designed to work together to help build the brands of our customers to maximize bottom line growth.

“Joining the Bastion Collective serves as both an affirmation of the quality communications work we provide at Bastion Elevate—but also a tremendous opportunity to be part of something special,” said Shana Starr, CEO of Bastion Elevate. “Bastion Collective understands the current business landscape and that organizations are looking for specialized products and services that work in concert, as opposed to the redundancies that you’ll typically get with larger communications agencies. We’re getting in on the ground floor of something special and we can’t wait to see where this goes.”

“Bastion Collective is at the forefront of a sea change in the way PR and communications services are delivered,” said Dave Feistel, Senior Managing Account Director with Bastion Elevate. “With the weight of the Collective behind us, Bastion Elevate will be able to provide the quality PR and social media services our clients have come to expect while also offering opportunities for new, valuable complementary services in website optimization, branding, digital marketing and more. The business structure, synergy and strategically integrated capabilities between the different agencies comprising the Bastion Collective truly sets this company apart and the industry is already taking notice.”

To learn more about how Bastion Elevate and the Bastion Collective can help propel your business, please visit www.bastionelevate.com.

About Bastion Collective
Bastion Collective is a unique group of leading marketing and communications businesses that offer a powerful mix of expertise. The interconnected agency network provides unmatched capabilities and support with communications teams that can provide service in tandem or independently based on the needs of the client. Bastion Collective is a global agency with offices in Los Angeles, Australia and Shanghai. In the USA, Bastion is comprised of integrated public relations and social media agency Bastion Elevate and digital agency Bastion Rare.

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