CivicPlus® and Izenda partner to facilitate stronger communities

CivicPlus enables data sharing through Izenda to promote Open Data transparency and accountability for local governments

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CivicPlus is partnering with Izenda to expand smart data modeling in municipalities for greater data insights.

With the new Open, Public, Electronic, and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act that was signed into law on Jan. 14, 2019, which mandates that all federal agencies must publish information as open data, it’s more important than ever to access data quickly and provide clear insights to offer to the public. With Izenda’s capabilities, local government and community sites can easily publish dashboards and data visualizations for the general public.

According to Sarah Peters, CivicPlus Product Manager, “Open data is the next iteration of fostering citizen engagement and building trust in your local government. Public data should be made readily available to everyone so that we can build stronger communities through data-driven decision-making and public policy supported by evidence. Izenda and CivicPlus are teaming up to bring your data back to you. We are uncovering what was once buried, finding meaning in the chaos, and sharing it with those who are building our future.”

Municipalities that currently use CivicPlus will have the ability to seamlessly integrate additional data sources within a data-sharing program using Izenda’s reporting solution — providing a holistic picture and deeper insights to build better communities.

“With Izenda and CivicPlus, local governments can get to their data much faster and with little-to-no technical hurdles. Not only can they draw deeper insights to fuel their own internal efficiencies, but they can also easily open the insights they draw from that data to the general public." — Chris Carter, CEO, Izenda

CivicPlus has invited Izenda to appear at its CivicSummitTM 2019 conference, where CivicPlus will reveal its latest offerings. This conference offers an unparalleled opportunity for local government practitioners to learn from industry thought leaders and their peers through innovative learning sessions, lively discussions, inspirational speakers, and the launch of CivicPlus’ newest products. For more information about CivicSummit 2019, visit

"The open data trend was inevitable in this day and age of technology and social media. Although transparency at the federal level is a much larger hill to climb, at the local level it’s quickly becoming a necessity.” — Jaimi Panini, VP product development, Izenda

About CivicPlus: CivicPlus is the integrated technology platform for local government, working with over 3,500 local governments including municipalities, counties, and municipal departments. CivicPlus has been selected by Inc. Magazine as “One of the Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in the U.S.” since 2011. For more information visit

About Izenda:  Izenda is an application-based intelligence provider that brings critical data insights to end users across industries. Thanks to Izenda’s embedded BI solutions, businesses can natively integrate analytics into their applications while conserving development resources and reducing time to market. Learn more about Izenda at


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