IOpipe launches serverless alerts upgrades with PagerDuty

New IOpipe functionality improves the developer on-call experience and minimizes disruptions for brands building serverless applications

PHILADELPHIA, April 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IOpipe, the leader in serverless dev tooling for monitoring and observability, launched a new product release providing upgraded alerts features with PagerDuty to help developers and operations teams streamline their alerts processes for serverless applications.

According to The New Stack’s 2018 Survey, serverless adoption has grown by 75 percent since 2017, but developers continue to cite concerns about application performance, risk, and monitoring as drawbacks to building on a serverless architecture.

“Developers simply can’t focus on building amazing applications if they’re stressed about whether they’ve properly configured alerts to monitor the behavior of their code across hundreds of serverless functions,” said IOpipe CTO Erica Windisch. “It's important for alert configuration be both simple and powerful enough to enable teams to manage large complex applications."

Through its integration with PagerDuty, a leader in digital operations management, IOpipe’s latest release is designed to help bridge the serverless alerts gap for enterprise engineering teams. New updates include:

  • Streamlined creation process with built-in alert templates to help developers ship faster
  • Visual indicator to set alert thresholds 
  • Alerts on invocation labels for custom filtering by invocation
  • Percentage alerts on errors
  • Ability to update functions on previously existing alerts
  • Simple IOpipe integration through PagerDuty’s event API to provide advanced incident management functionality for serverless functions

“Nobody likes to be on call when something breaks,” said IOpipe CEO and Co-Founder Adam Johnson. “Whether you’re a developer responsible for the performance of your application or a DevOps team member trying to decrease your mean time to repair, this latest IOpipe release makes it a lot less stressful to deploy on serverless without writing additional code.”

Integrating with IOpipe’s new functionality, PagerDuty allows developers moving to serverless to automate response workflows for issues that could affect their AWS Lambda infrastructure and ensure that the right teams are notified.

“The new integrations with IOpipe’s new serverless features aligns with PagerDuty’s focus on increased automation during service disruptions. As companies undergo digital transformation, developers are facing increased monitoring complexity. As a result, their teams need to filter through the noise to focus on critical issues that matter most to the end-user experience,” said Steve Gross, Sr. Director Strategic Ecosystem Development, PagerDuty.

Founded in 2016 and used by global brands like Matson, Rackspace, and APM Music, IOpipe offers real-time visibility into the most granular behaviors of today’s serverless applications on AWS Lambda.

“IOpipe makes alerting and troubleshooting a breeze. We can identify problems in our serverless applications faster than ever before,” said Paul Nelson, Senior Software Development Manager at Rackspace.

To try out the latest IOpipe release, visit and sign up for a free trial. To learn more about automating response workflows for issues that could impact your AWS Lambda infrastructure, check out the IOpipe PagerDuty Integration Guide.

About IOpipe
As the leader in serverless dev tooling for monitoring and observability, IOpipe offers real-time visibility into the most granular behaviors of today’s serverless applications on AWS Lambda.

Founded in 2016 by Erica Windisch and Adam Johnson, IOpipe reduces debugging time from hours to seconds, delivers transparent insights into the behaviors and performance of your serverless functions, and reduces risk for enterprises shifting to serverless.

Working with global brands like Matson, Rackspace, and APM Music, IOpipe empowers engineering teams to deliver with confidence, debug intelligently, and get busy building the impossible.

In other words, IOpipe makes it a lot more fun to be a developer. Visit to learn more and try it for free.

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