Westchester K-12 Adds English Language Training Development Services

Appoints Walter Henderson, Jr., Senior Supervising Editor, ELT

DAYTON, Ohio, April 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Westchester K-12 Publishing Services is pleased to announce the expansion of their Product Development team, with the appointment of Walter Henderson Jr., as Senior Supervising Editor of ELT.

Walter brings an unparalleled level of expertise to his role, having taught English Language Training to U.S. Embassy teachers for the U.S. Department of State. While a classroom instructor/professor of the English language in Atlanta, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and Ecuador, he also led the development of ELT course materials for many of the same organizations at which he taught. More recently, Walter has been an ELT content development resource for numerous clients including National Geographic Learning, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan Education, and Pearson Education. Walter is a fluent speaker of Spanish and French, has studied linguistics in France and the United Arab Emirates, and earned his Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from Georgia State University.

Kevin J. Gray, Managing Director of Westchester K-12 Publishing Services stated, “I am delighted that educational publishers working with Westchester K-12 will now have access to the impressive ELT capabilities and resources that Walter brings to the team. ELT and ELL materials that are comprehensive for students who are not native speakers of English are essential in helping them develop the ability to achieve grade-level proficiency in all subject areas. Walter’s experiences as an ELT teacher both in the United States and overseas, and his impressive network of ELT talent, will be invaluable in helping educational publishers develop content that provides students with the necessary tools to understand the complicated nuances of the English language.”

“I too, am very enthusiastic about working with Westchester. In our global world today, the medium of teaching and learning is English and other worldwide languages. It is my hope to help develop content that engrosses attention, improves skills, and addresses pedagogical needs that address both the teacher’s and learner’s perspectives,” commented Walter Henderson, Jr.

About Westchester K-12 Publishing Services:
Westchester K-12 Publishing Services was founded in 2017 to serve the needs of educational publishers. Our management team includes veteran resources from all aspects of PreK-12 publishing, with an emphasis on literacy and early learning, as well as high-quality design, image management, and page layout. Based in Dayton, Ohio, and a division of U.S. employee-owned and managed Westchester Publishing Services, Westchester K-12 offers educational publishers the complete spectrum of services for literacy, math, science, and social studies products, including content creation for student books, teacher guides and ancillaries; original illustrations, photo research, page design and layout; and post-development editorial and pre-press production, including e-Pub conversion.

For information about our expanded offerings, please contact: Nicole Tomassi, Marketing and Conference Manager, Westchester Publishing Services, at: 203-658-7135 or Nicole.Tomassi@westchesterpubsvcs.com. Further information is also available at: https://www.westchesterk12publishingservices.com/.

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