Glogou Launches Services to Migrate Facebook and Instagram Ads to WeChat, Help a Business to Reach One Billion Asian Consumers

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glogou Inc., a Silicon Valley startup company that specializes in helping foreign business do marketing in China, Japan and Korea, today announced that it launches services to migrate Facebook and Instagram Ads to WeChat. This will help a business to reach one billion Asian customers that are eager to buy high quality goods and services from around the world.

WeChat has over one billion daily active users who use WeChat’s many features including WeChat Pay, a system which is widely adopted in China. These people also spend a lot of time on a large collection of WeChat Mini-Apps. Each individual WeChat user, on average, spends much more time on WeChat compared to a typical user on Facebook or Instagram.

WeChat is an ideal platform to reach growing number of affluent Asian consumers, but there are many barriers for a foreign business to do marketing on WeChat.  For example, the advertising system of WeChat is in Chinese, which makes it difficult for non-Chinese parties to handle. Another obstacle includes China’s many restrictions and regulations on what can be advertised on social media, which involves the government and further complicates the matter for foreign agencies. Lastly, media formats supported by WeChat are different from Facebook and Instagram.

By providing a suite of services to migrate Facebook and Instagram ads to WeChat, Glogou helps clients to overcome the challenges of language and breaks down the barriers for marketing on WeChat.  Glogou’s services for a client include starting a WeChat advertising account, getting approval for the advertising plans, assisting in campaign management, and optimizing the ROI using different targeting methods.

In addition to advertising on WeChat, Glogou also helps a business with content marketing on WeChat. Glogou helps a client manage its WeChat official account and develop WeChat Mini-Apps for a client. Those content marketing methods have been proven to be very effective for a business or a brand to engage its Asian fans and customers in a timely and interactive way.

About Glogou Inc: Glogou Inc. ( is a Silicon Valley digital marketing company. Glogou provides complete Asian and Chinese search engines (Baidu, Naver), social media ( Toutiao, WeChat, Weibo, Line, KakaoTalk), and mobile marketing solutions.  Most of Glogou’s customers are top tier consumer brands, education institutions, hotels and high tech companies.

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Helen Lee

Director of Marketing