Modern Systems Included in Now Tech: Application Modernization and Migration Services, Q1 2019 Report by Independent Research Firm

DALLAS, May 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Modern Systems, a leader in application modernization, today announced it has been named as a ‘modernization specialist’ in Forrester’s Now Tech: Application Modernization and Migration Services Q1 2019 Report, which is designed for Infrastructure and operations professionals to understand the primary segments and capabilities of application modernization and migration services providers to inform their selection strategies.

The report provides an overview of the business case, objectives and expectations for modernizing legacy systems, with an aim to assist customers with migrating their legacy systems as part of a larger digital transformation journey.

In the report, Forrester details the realities of modernization and migration activities, which require a variety of skill sets, each of which can be difficult for an individual enterprise to recruit for, retain, and wield effectively in practice. For this reason, using services and software providers can help organizations to:

  • Address skills shortages in legacy and cloud technologies by leveraging outside talent.
  • Accelerate digital transformation with modernization and cloud migration expertise.
  • Save money by eliminating reliance on outmoded solutions and technologies.

“The modernization landscape has evolved rapidly over the past several years, and at times can be fairly confusing for customers to navigate,” said Brandon Edenfield, president and CEO of Modern Systems. “Forrester’s report couldn’t come at a more optimal time, as it offers valuable and relevant information about various types of offerings to help customers make more informed modernization decisions.”

“Modern Systems has seen incredible momentum and customer adoption of our legacy modernization solutions over the past year,” continued Edenfield.   We’re proud to be acknowledged by Forrester.”

Modern Systems’ Cited in Forrester’s Report

Forrester’s report includes Modern Systems in the small application modernization and migration services vendor category.  The report segmented vendors into three categories based on application modernization and migration services revenue: large established players (more than $1.2 billion in revenue); midsize players ($175 million to $1.2 billion in revenue), and smaller players (less than $175 million in revenue).  Only sixteen companies appear in the small vendor category.

In the description of modernization specialists, the report states, “some specialist firms have been in the modernization business for a very long time...” The report continues, “…Others, like Modern Systems, are led by veterans of other firms such as Clerity Solutions, acquired by Dell Technologies in 2012...these companies often have their roots in replatforming across multiple proprietary legacy architectures, such as mainframe to Unix or Unix to Linux, and may also offer automated language translation services, such as COBOL to Java.”

The report noted that modernization specialists’ (including Modern Systems) high segment capabilities were in the following:

  • Application modernization strategy
  • Application modernization execution
  • Automated code analysis
  • Automated code translation
  • Legacy re-architecting

Global organizations benefit from Modern Systems’ proven approach

Modern Systems empowers efficiency, agility and competitive advantage through core application modernization, with a focus on facilitating the transition from legacy systems to modern environments that leverage data warehousing, agile development methods, and the cloud, including macro and microservices architectures.

Modern Systems’ provides customers with a comprehensive assessment, which drives the blueprint for automated conversion execution.  The leader in COBOL-centric application and data modernization, the company also has extensive experience assisting customers with various conversion paths including rehosting, conversion, refactoring, and re-engineering.  Modern Systems’ ModPaaS solution provides access to Modern Systems-developed modernization solutions as a service in a secure cloud-based environment. ModPaaS is available via the industry’s top cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, Oracle and Google Cloud Marketplaces.

“As a result of Modern Systems’ conversion project, we anticipate more efficient testing and support cycles,” said Thanos Kaponeridis, CEO of AeroSoft Systems.  “COBOL mainframe resources are becoming increasingly hard to find, so this puts us in a position to work with a global community of young talented developers.”

“At the start of this project, I thought I knew what my application did, but I was wrong,” said Marc Rubel, executive director of Application Development of GE Capital.  “The Modern Systems’ approach showed me how much more there was then I assumed. My skepticism evolved into the realization that this assessment was one of the best things we did. In addition, the automation Modern Systems has for the code is really cool.”

Modern Systems recently announced its intent to be acquired by UK-based software and services leader Advanced. The move will double the size of Modern Systems’ application modernization practice.

To learn more, download the full Forrester Now Tech Modernization & Migration Services Report.

To read more about Modern Systems’ customer successes, visit our customer references page.

About Modern Systems
Modern Systems is a leading provider of application modernization services, with more than 200 modernization projects completed worldwide during the past 30 years, and 1.5 billion lines of code processed through our tools. Modern Systems is a global provider of modernization solutions for legacy application source code, data, and platform transformations. Our combined resources, technologies and global reach makes us one of the largest independent legacy application modernization companies in the world. 

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