The Ecosa Institute joins forces with Prescott College: A new partnership in Higher Education aims to prepare students for green jobs

The Ecosa Institute announced that its programs and curriculum will now be offered through Prescott College. “The mission, values, and goals of Ecosa and Prescott College are totally aligned,” said Ecosa President Jessica Hernreich. “Now our students will have the option to receive full college credit for the Ecosa semester”. “Ecosa is the leading Regenerative Ecological Design program in the nation,” said Prescott College President John Flicker. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer their design intensives along with our other programs focused on environmental sustainability. With talk of a Green New Deal and the growing demand for more sustainable buildings and infrastructure, this will help prepare students for the green jobs of the future.”

Prescott, AZ, May 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ecosa was started in 1996 by renowned architect Tony Brown whose career has been on the forefront of responsible architecture and sustainable design for over 40 years. In Brown’s early career, he worked as architect-in-residence at the world famous Arcosanti where he supervised design and construction. He later began to foster a new type of design education. “It became clear,” said Brown, “that only a design program that is interactive, multi-disciplinary, and encourages complex systems thinking, can bring any understanding to the subject of ecological design.” Brown will continue to lead Ecosa as a Prescott college faculty member and chair of Ecosa. The fall semester of Ecosa at Prescott College will offer coursework in Ecological Literacy, Regenerative Design Studio, and Sustainable Community Development.

As part of the partnership agreement, Prescott College plans to take title to the Granite Dells property outside of Prescott Arizona, that Ecosa purchased in 2015. Ecosa recently conveyed a public trail easement across this property to the City of Prescott as part of the City’s plan to eventually connect the Willow Lake trail system to the Watson Lake trail system. “This is an important and beautiful part of the iconic Granite Dells,” said Flicker. “We plan to continue using this property for the same purposes as Ecosa.”

Prescott College also recently announced a preferred teach-out agreement with Green Mountain College in Vermont as a result of the closure of Green Mountain College in May 2019. Prescott College anticipates the transfer of over 100 students from Green Mountain College for the Fall 2019 semester along with several faculty members and program offerings.  

About Prescott College: Founded in 1966, Prescott College offers four-year undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and Ph.D. programs utilizing an experiential, self-directed model that attracts students motivated to make a difference in the world.

About Ecosa Institute: The mission of the Ecosa Institute is to restore health to the natural environment, and thus the human environment, through education in design. Ecosa's vision is of a world that blends the ethical values and ecological patterns, with the vitality and dynamism of the design arts. Founded in 1996 by Tony Brown, Ecosa Institute has a goal of providing innovative ecological design thinking and an interdisciplinary approach to design education


Ecosa student building a reed structure. Ecosa cohort in the studio presenting work.

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