Lowe Solutions, LLC Enters Federal Marketplace

The Oklahoma-based company will use its vast business network to provide tangible products to federal agencies.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, UNITED STATES

Stillwater, Okla. , May 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everyone has their own motivations for entering federal contracting. After all, Uncle Sam is the largest buyer of goods and services in the world. From a business standpoint, you’re essentially getting a customer who has money to spend and is always looking to spend it. For Ryle Lowe, founder of Lowe Solutions, LLC, his motivation came out of a very unlikely source.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to walk, run, or even make use of my arms again,” said Ryle.

Back in 2012, Ryle nearly died from being struck head-on by a drunk driver. He was wheelchair bound for 3 months and was out of work for a total of 8 months.  Since graduating from college, he had been working a physically demanding job in the oil refinery business for 18 years. Being out of work for nearly a year and the birth of his daughter gave him the realization that it was time to switch careers.

However, it wasn’t a straight path that took Ryle from oil refining to federal contracting. At first, he looked into purchasing an ice cream franchise on Sanibel Island located on the southwestern Gulf Coast of Florida. Then, he looked into buying a business which was another dead end. Many of the owners he encountered became pretty shy when it came time to go through the books.

That’s when Ryle finally decided to start his own business and get into federal contracting. Specifically, he was seeking to work as a broker for tangible goods. His business is one that would provide parts and components rather than their installation. One of Lowe Solutions, LLC’s biggest advantages is its wide business network. Ryle has an array of connections which can provide him with:

  • Portable buildings
  • Water storage tanks for municipalities
  • Shipping containers
  • Construction equipment

This isn’t all what Lowe Solutions, LLC can provide. Ryle has thrown in bids for police and military equipment as well as a remote control lawnmower. Currently, he is enrolled in bid training with US Federal Contractor Registration Training Coordinator Anna Rose.  Lowe Solutions, LLC is also a USFCR Verified Vendor. This means their SAM registration is handled and maintained by industry professionals, preventing any potential hassle for federal agencies or contracting officers.  

With a strong drive for learning and a great deal of motivation, Ryle Lowe hopes to scale Lowe Solutions, LLC. Federal agencies can count on this business to provide support to American interests both domestically and abroad.



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