Burning Hunger Candle Co. is Giving Back Through Local BC Charity and Food Bank Partnerships

SURREY, British Columbia, May 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Burning Hunger Candle Co., a Vancouver-based scented candle and candle accessory online platform working to create natural, bohemian, and aromatic products, this week announced they are elevating their business model to include a major social component.

Through Canadian food bank, charity, and foundation partnerships, Burning Hunger Candles will donate a meal to someone in need, as well as a can of food to a local bank when one of their candles is purchased.

“Our candle company is focused on helping those in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside through feeding the hungry,” said Steven Merk, Founder and Owner of Burning Hunger Candles Inc. “We partner with shelters, non-profits and food banks to provide much-needed support to those that are food insecure. It’s a basic human necessity we believe everyone deserves access to, and that starts with our social venture platform.”

Burning Hunger Candle Co. is currently working with the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center, A Better Life Foundation and Union Gospel Mission. They are presently looking to expand their partnerships in order to manage a widespread impact.

The company is presently selling two different quality candle products on their site, Red Cedar – Compassion, Bergamot – Love, and Moroccan Mint – Hope. With purchase of any candle, the food donation arrangement will kick-start, supporting one of thousands in Vancouver and beyond in need of food.

“Just a few years ago, the Vancouver Sun confirmed that nearly 500,000 families in British Columbia were going hungry, unable to provide for their kids,” said Merk. “We’re hoping to curb that statistic, and we’re hoping to do it with our premium candle products. Help us spread the word today.”

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