Booster Juice will transition to compostable straws across Canada by the end of June 2019

EDMONTON, Alberta, June 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Despite Vancouver’s postponement of the ban on plastic straws and Styrofoam until April 2020, Booster Juice locations across Canada are currently transitioning to compostable straws.

The company’s decision was based on changing environmental policies in British Columbia and reflects the feedback received from Booster Juice patrons. Frequent customers expressed a desire to reduce their environmental footprint while continuing to enjoy convenient quick service food and beverage offerings. Known for their signature smoothies, Booster Juice has a unique product that cannot be easily consumed without a straw. As a result, they set out to find an environmentally-friendly alternative that would allow customers to feel good, while enjoying their delicious fruit or veggie-based smoothies.

“Finding a compostable option that offered a similar look and feel was no easy task,” said Booster Juice Chief Operating Officer, Malcolm Wilson. “We worked closely with our supplier, Stone Straw, to develop the right straw for our product, fine tuning every detail, including the packaging and colour. Our purple compostable straws can now be easily recognized by customers and come in one size, which can be used in all of our beverages.”

Rather than waiting until the ban on single-use plastics takes effect, Booster Juice has pushed to launch Stone’s Back to Earth™ straws as soon as possible to align with their evolving environmental vision for the brand.

With the Back to Earth™ straw, Booster Juice will be supplying consumers with a sustainable solution in response to the concerns surrounding single-use plastics. Stone’s eco-friendly straws are made from renewable, plant-based materials that are also certified compostable as per ASTM D6400. This means that in 180 days the straws will decompose to 90% CO2 and 10% biomass (humus-soil) in an industrial or municipal composter.

“It was a great next step for the evolution of the company to be one of the first to introduce a plant-based straw and help reduce single-use plastic quantities,” said Dale Wishewan, President and CEO of Booster Juice. “We listened to customers a few years back when we introduced our paper cup and we’re happy to do so again with our straws.”

Booster Juice will have completed their transition to the new purple, single-use compostable straws not just in British Columbia, but nationwide by the end of June 2019.

For further information please contact:

Booster Juice Head Office
Karen Smola, National Marketing Manager
Phone: 780 293 3064