In its latest issue, European CEO charts the rise of the plant-based food industry and explores why the modern workplace is stifling productivity

LONDON, June 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The market for vegan and vegetarian alternatives has exploded in recent years. With more consumers seeking out plant-based options to feed healthier and more environmentally friendly diets, businesses are scrambling to get a slice of the sector.

When Heather Mills, the CEO of VBites, a world-leading manufacturer of meat, fish and dairy-free alternatives, started out, she well ahead of this curve. In an exclusive interview, Mills told European CEO that even when her company was laughed off 25 years ago, she was undeterred: “I was convinced plant-based eating was going to be the future.” Today, having been proved right, Mills is urging governments to support green, ethical businesses to give the burgeoning industry a much-needed boost.

European CEO’s Summer 2019 issue also investigates the issue of productivity in the modern working environment, where distractions are rife and work-related stress levels are rising. Companies that focus on hours rather than outcomes and stick to outdated working schedules will fail to get the most out of their employees, writes Elizabeth Matsangou.

Meanwhile, Barclay Ballard tackles Europe’s failures in the race for technological supremacy. While debates rage about whether the US or China will become the world’s digital disruption powerhouse, Europe is hardly considered to be in the running. If Europe is to make up lost ground, the bloc will have to ramp up investment in research and development.

Elsewhere in the magazine, European CEO investigates whether the growth of sharing economy companies is sustainable, as well as how newly appointed CEOs can set off on the right foot. Other articles examine the recent pushback to Amazon’s expanding empire and take a look at the sovereign debt crisis, ten years on.

To read about all of this and more, pick up the latest copy of European CEO magazine, available in print, on tablet and online now.

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