Routeware® Acquires Ontario-Based RouteOptix Management Systems, Inc.

Routeware to provide technology to new markets including medical waste, liquid waste, document destruction and hazardous waste.

PORTLAND, Ore., June 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Routeware, Inc., a leading provider of fleet automation and analytics software to the waste industry, today announced the acquisition of Ontario-based RouteOptix Management Systems, Inc. RouteOptix Management Systems is an innovative provider of software for customer management, vehicle routing, and billing.

Routeware, which has traditionally focused on in-cab computers for municipal and for-profit fleets that handle solid waste, recycling, street-sweeping, and snowplows, gains an operation in Canada with this acquisition. It also adds complementary products and significant experience in additional industry segments including liquid waste disposal, hazard waste, medical waste, scrap metal, oil recovery, and document destruction.

“This is a classic ‘better together’ story in which each company brings assets to the other that will lead to more stability, faster growth, and happier customers,” said Tom Malone, CEO of Routeware. “RouteOptix provides software and services that our customers want, and Routeware has on-board computer technology that is desirable to RouteOptix customers.”

Ron Davey, CEO of RouteOptix, said: “Routeware and RouteOptix share a profound commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and controlled growth. Our customers can be reassured by the fact that we are now part of a larger, multi-national company that specializes in fleet automation.”

About Routeware, Inc.

Routeware helps fleet operators increase billable revenue and improve the productivity of drivers via a powerful combination of on-board computer devices (including peripherals such as photo and video cameras, scale sensors, and actuator sensors) and software that communicates critical information in real-time to and from the back office. Routeware also offers route optimization and a Big Data analytics product called Routeware DPO (“Driver Performance Optimizer”). With Routeware fleet service automation, customers monitor, automate, and optimize routes resulting in effective driver coaching, efficient routes, higher customer satisfaction, and lower costs.

About RouteOptix, Inc.

RouteOptix Inc. is an industry leader and innovator in customer management, vehicle routing, mapping technology and billing software. Developed by waste industry professionals, RouteOptix’s principal developer has over 33 years’ experience writing software for the waste industry. The RouteOptix solution enables customers to proactively manage the back office of a business, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability.


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