Zadara Unshackles Enterprises from Data Storage Burdens with Business Model Built on Services

Challenges Enterprise Storage Providers to Answer the Question: What Have You Done for Your Customers Lately?

IRVINE, Calif., June 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SaaS. IaaS. PaaS. The list of technology-as-a-service acronyms goes on seemingly forever, and the concept of bridging the gap between on-premises technology and the cloud has steadily gained in popularity in recent years. As the shift to a ‘subscription economy’ rolls on, one company is disrupting the status quo by fundamentally changing the way ‘service’ is defined and delivered. Zadara Storage Inc., a pioneer in enterprise storage-as-a-service, believes that service should not be limited to the terms and conditions spelled out in legacy storage providers’ contracts. Instead, Zadara’s flexible, full-service, real-time, proactive approach keeps the entire customer experience top of mind – while expertly shouldering the complete enterprise storage burden: operational, technical and financial.

Mission: Critical

In the -as-a-service realm, the storage and management of enterprise data services is one of the toughest nuts to crack, as it is fraught with risk, complexity and high costs. After all, enterprise storage is hardly a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ solution: it comes with an ongoing management burden associated with provisioning storage for users with different (and always growing) needs.

Because digital information is the lifeblood of the enterprise, storage is, naturally, one of the top concerns of IT departments everywhere. For example, any downtime experienced by a hotel’s reservation system would seriously impact operations. When gear starts aging, capacities run out, operational costs run sky high, and maintenance requirements become overwhelming – what’s an enterprise to do? Enter Zadara. The first and only complete enterprise storage-as-a-service provider, Zadara was launched in 2011 by storage industry experts with a passion for simplifying enterprise storage.

A New Approach to Service

From the very beginning, Zadara has been a services company, untethered from the red tape, history and old habits that are part and parcel of being a legacy storage player. Its unique technology was designed from the ground up with one purpose: to provide storage-as-a-service. This laser focus has allowed the company to exponentially expand the definition of service.

Guaranteed 100% uptime (with an eight-year track record of 99.9995% uptime). On-demand, consumption-based, pay-as-you-go pricing. Scale up or scale down as needed. Systems tailored to sync with exact requirements – no more, no less. No restrictive, separate service contracts. Hardware refreshes at no cost: Any time Zadara releases a new hardware device, customers can replace the old one, totally online and transparently, leading to lowered costs and higher performance. A worldwide, 24/7/365 operational support system. Hundreds of data centers at public- and private-cloud partners. Fully managed services that deliver the power of enterprise storage with the agility of the cloud – and remove all storage-related pain points.

Together, all of these elements combine to create the Zadara customer experience – and give new meaning to the word ‘service.’

“We’re breaking the cycle of the old way of thinking – where IT managers buy more storage than they actually need, manage it all themselves and have to upgrade every five years or so,” noted Nelson Nahum, Zadara’s co-founder and CEO. “Not only is that an expensive, all-consuming undertaking – it also puts them behind the technology cycles, obliterating access to the latest and greatest storage breakthroughs. Zadara changes all of that with our unique technology that was purpose-built to deliver enterprise storage as a fully managed service. Just think of all the things you could do with your CapEx and IT team instead of managing storage.”

Over the past eight years, Zadara has established a loyal following in a wide variety of industries, including media & entertainment, manufacturing, health care, government, and more. Currently, Zadara serves thousands of customers at its 200 data centers around the world, with more coming online regularly. Zadara manages hundreds of petabytes of storage worldwide. “Because we standardize on industry-leading hardware and use our proprietary cloud software designed for multi-tenant efficiencies with single-tenant privacy, we can manage all our customers’ virtual private storage arrays from just four locations worldwide,” noted Nahum. “Our top-notch operations teams are located in the U.S., UK, Israel, and India, ensuring that the sun never sets on Zadara – or on our commitment to going above and beyond for our customers.”

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About Zadara
Founded in 2011, Zadara is changing how enterprise data is stored and managed. The Zadara approach is simple – offer everything that an enterprise needs when it comes to storage in the business model of services. Completely focused on storage services for mission-critical data, Zadara takes the immense cost, complexity and burden out of enterprise data storage and management. Zadara offers enterprise cloud storage as a fully-managed service, bringing a simplified experience to enterprises of all types and sizes. With solutions available on premises and through cloud and colocation providers, Zadara's proprietary, pay-only-for-what-you-use service promises 100% uptime. Helping Zadara keep this promise is a worldwide operational support system, including hundreds of data centers at public- and private-cloud partners, that provides expert hosting, services and support. More information can be found at or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter, like on Facebook or subscribe on YouTube.

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