Low-Cost, “All-You-Can-Use” Protection Services Give Consumers More Devices for Less; Systems Provide Patented Multi-Location Protection Management

Fremont, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an effort to bring integrated, cost-effective DIY-systems with professional monitoring service to consumers, Home8 has announced four new low-cost hardware system packages, with an All-Inclusive 66¢/day/site protection services plan without contract. With this move, Home8 expects to gain a stronger foothold in the renter, home and enterprise security markets by giving customers “more protection for less.”

The new offering comes with four basic SKUs for targeted markets. The new SKUs are:

  • ProtectionMate-A for Apartment: $49.99/system with 1 control hub and 2 door/window sensors (plus 1 free Wi-Fi camera as an introductory bonus)
  • ProtectionMate-H for Home: $99.99/system with 1 control hub, 1 keypad, 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, and 1 keychain remote (plus 2 free Wi-Fi cameras as an introductory bonus)
  • ProtectionMate-C for Care: $99.99/system with 1 control hub and 2 panic buttons (plus 1 free Wi-Fi camera as an introductory bonus)
  • ProtectionMate-B for Business$149.99/system with 1 control hub, 1 keypad, 6 door/window sensors, 2 keychain remotes, and 1 siren (plus 2 free Wi-Fi cameras as an introductory bonus)

These basic systems do not have to remain basic. In fact, because Home8 systems feature patented zero-pairing device setup and expansion, making adding new devices easy. What’s more, customers can easily add a wide selection of Home8 devices and new locations to the system by a simple QR code scan. The system allows for multi-location and multi-purpose video-verified protection management. The automated multi-location capabilities of the system are useful for business owners covering home, 2nd home, and businesses using one app for multiple premises’ collaborative protections.

Other than DIY install, and Professional Monitoring Service integration, Home8 offers the most advanced Video-Verification combined with Unlimited in-app Event Video Recording services. This is critical, because more jurisdictions around the world are demanding crime scene video evidence for prioritized response from local emergency responders.  

The UL-Certified, 24/7 professionally monitored service in Home8’s All-Inclusive service plan is a significant benefit to consumers, adding another layer of security to what was an already effective Collaborative MIY (Monitor-It-Yourself) system. The new call center service is being offered to customers for $0.66/day/site all-inclusive, including up to 10 cameras, 10 concurrent video users and 100 smart sensors. All current home8 owners can keep their current service plan until June 30, 2020, when it will automatically be switched to the All-Inclusive plan.

The low cost of ownership can be partly attributed to the fact that the system is auto-DIY, meaning the consumer does not require professional installation services. What’s more, because the systems are being offered through direct online sales, dealer costs that would normally be built into the system price are eliminated as well.

 “We’ve always taken pride in introducing advanced solutions and innovative services,” said Joe Liu, CEO of Home8. “Our All-Inclusive, Multiple-Protection-for-Less offering is the latest and most exciting addition to these services.

“The multiple protection services at one-third of typical dealer/installer's cost guarantees new business tractions. More importantly, we offer consumers flexible, all-you-can-use protection services any way they want in one app covering home, business, care protections, and more.”

The addition of professional monitoring also qualifies systems owners for up to 15% discount on homeowners' insurance.

All systems are available on the Home8 website at www.home8alarm.com.


Nestled in Fremont, California, Home8 offers leading, cloud-based multiple-protections-for-less, mobile-interactive video-verified home, business, and care services. Its low-cost, plug-n-play DIY systems and UL certified 24/7 professional monitoring service integration have made Home8 the most competitive protection services in the interactive security market. Miotta, the mobile-interactive platform that powers Home8, covers video-verified security, safety, video, care, energy, and automation under one mobile-app with unlimited event video recording service and video privacy. The all-inclusive 66¢/day/site protection plan covers comprehensive home, business, and care protection with 10X10X100 services - 10 IP cameras, 10 concurrent users, and 100 smart sensors. Automated Multi-site protection service is available as an option. For more information, visit www.home8alarm.com.

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