Appriss Health has Achieved Critical Milestones in Integrating PDMP Information into Clinical Workflow and Facilitating Interstate Data Sharing

500,000 Providers Now have EHR and Pharmacy System Integrations; 51 PDMPs are Now Sharing Interstate Data; Innovative Solutions are Impacting the Opioid Crisis All Across the U.S.

Louisville, KY, June 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Appriss Health, provider of the most comprehensive platform for opioid stewardship and substance use disorder (SUD) in the U.S., has achieved several major milestones in its efforts to make an impact on the opioid epidemic. Appriss Health is a responsible leader that has built and scaled a nationwide ecosystem of reliable solutions, electronic health record (EHR) and pharmacy management systems, states, government agencies, health information exchanges (HIEs), hospitals and health systems, pharmacies, and others to help widely deploy innovative technologies and capabilities to address the evolving opioid crisis across the nation. 

Appriss Health has set the industry standards for best practices for integrations and interstate data-sharing. It is furthering key priorities of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in close partnership with its state and clinician customers nationwide by providing proven solutions for patient management and treatment – today – to help with the complex opioid problem plaguing our communities. 

Clinical Workflow Integration Milestones

Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway managed service solution provides healthcare providers with comprehensive connectivity, prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) information integration, clinical decision support, patient support and engagement, and care coordination capabilities. 

With PMP Gateway, Appriss Health enables the integration into clinical workflow of a robust opioid stewardship platform that includes multi-state PDMP data and a host of tools and capabilities valuable in supporting providers and patients in appropriate prescribing, pain management and treatment decisions. What differentiates PMP Gateway from alternatives is its full support of state requirements for the integration of PDMP information, which often includes more than just medication history, into EHRs and pharmacy systems, as well as its focus on impacting the full scope of the opioid epidemic, not just prescription drugs. 

More than 500,000 prescribers and pharmacists at nearly 80,000 facilities in 40 states now utilize Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway service in more than 50 million patient encounters per month. To enable this broad connectivity, more than 130 of the nation’s largest EHR systems and nearly every pharmacy management system and pharmacy chain have integrated PDMP information directly into their clinical workflow via Appriss Health. The vast majority of the nation is integration-ready today with Appriss Health. And 16 states have aligned with Appriss Health to sponsor statewide adoption of PDMP integrations for all of their prescribers and/or pharmacists. 

With PMP Gateway, Appriss Health has developed and broadly deployed a common method of clinical workflow integration across the U.S., while rigorously respecting and managing the laws, statutes, and policies of each of the states it serves. 

Clinicians save, on average, two to five minutes per patient reviewing a patient’s PDMP report and associated content by using PMP Gateway. By delivering this critical clinical decision support information to prescribers and pharmacists in their clinical workflow, today Appriss Health is reducing the physician burden of prescribing and dispensing controlled substances by as many as hundreds of millions of minutes per month, while cutting costs and improving patient care and safety. Prior to PMP Gateway, prescribers and pharmacists had to log into separate systems to query patient information which took important time away from patient care. 

Interstate Data Sharing Milestones

Provided by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and maintained by Appriss Health, PMP InterConnect is a national PDMP interstate data sharing hub that breaks down siloes and enables clinicians to receive multi-state PDMP data and have a more complete patient history upon which to make decisions. Through the incredible efforts of the states that govern PMP InterConnect and due to superior features and product design, PMP InterConnect now connects 51 of the 54 PDMPs at zero cost to the PDMPs and using zero tax payer dollars. PMP InterConnect is governed by its 51 PDMP members. 

PMP InterConnect has been in continued operation for more than eight years and is the only proven, efficient and effective interstate data sharing platform for PDMPs available today. PMP InterConnect is a highly secure, encrypted system that complies with all federal health IT security standards and is processing more than 162 million PDMP interstate disclosures per month. Over the past year, states have exchanged more than 1.1 billion interstate reports. 

“Appriss Health was founded on the belief that having timely access to accurate information can help clinicians improve patient care and patient safety,” said Rob Cohen, President, Appriss Health. “As responsible leaders in this market, we will continue to innovate and enhance our solutions to deliver on this mission, ensuring that we get the right information in front of the right clinicians, at the right time, and in the right place. As the opioid epidemic evolves, so too does our focus on expanding our infrastructure and continuing to develop new technologies that can adapt and be rapidly deployed. While more work certainly needs to be done, we are very proud of the work we have done to achieve these major milestones and have an impact on the opioid epidemic.” 

About Appriss Health

Appriss Health is the provider of the nation’s most comprehensive platform for opioid stewardship and the early identification, prevention and management of substance use disorder (SUD). We provide state government agencies with the most advanced repository of controlled substance dispensing information, and deliver real-time clinical decision support, critical insights and interventions to physicians, pharmacists, and care team members through millions of patient encounters each year. Our solutions enable healthcare providers, pharmacists, and care team members to assess and manage clinical risk in order to positively impact patient safety and health outcomes. For more information, please visit

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