Thousands of Palletized ASNs Later: iTradeNetwork Continues to Shape Safer, More Reliable Food Supply Chains

DUBLIN, Calif., June 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In response to increasing regulatory, consumer, and industry pressure for food safety, iTradeNetwork successfully completed a pilot with one of the world’s largest retailers to capture and transmit critical first-mile traceability data in real-time, from the source.

Consumers are losing trust in the safety of our food. The produce industry quickly needs solutions to reassure consumers their produce is safe. The challenge is achieving this in an efficient, scalable and cost-effective manner. In just 4 weeks, iTradeNetwork launched Transit—a solution that enabled a group of suppliers of all sizes to comply with a major global retailer’s traceability requirements for high-value and contamination-prone produce. This mandate requires PTI-Palletized ASN data, which provides critical traceability information as early as possible in a product’s journey through the supply chain. For example, knowing that a product has left a grower’s cooling shed in real-time, rather than 1-3 days later, spurs inventory, slotting, and overall warehouse optimization. The effect that this has on the freshness, quality, and safety of the produce is unparalleled.

Transit works seamlessly for vendors of all sizes and technical capabilities, from a remote farm in Costa Rica to a large operation in the Salinas Valley. Its flexibility makes it easy for suppliers to not only send PTI-Palletized ASNs via a lightweight mobile app, but also tie them directly to purchase orders generated in iTrade’s Order Management System. The Transit pilot started with a single grower and has since expanded to 20 suppliers that are now live and sharing robust traceability data with multiple retailers on iTrade’s expansive network. On average, suppliers need only 9 days to go live with Transit.

“There are so many benefits for suppliers and buyers to have a solution like Transit, which is why many retailers are mandating it,” said Nathan Romney, SVP of Product Strategy. “It automates and speeds up product receiving, improves shelf life and product quality, and of course, it tackles one of the industry’s biggest problemsfood safetyby providing critical traceability information and visibility into every step of a product’s journey. Not to mention all of the ancillary benefits like inventory optimization and simple substitutions.”

Transit is one of many innovations iTrade has delivered to the market in the last year, including iTrade Blockchain, an SFCA Module that drives compliance for the Safe Food for Canadians Act, iTradeOrder—a brand new order management, traceability and quality inspection platform for ambitious mid-market retailers, and soon to come, iTrade’s new Uber Freight-Integrated Logistics Module which will provide real time freight quotes and scenario modeling to plan and optimize logistics costs.

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