Near Me L.L.C. Wins First Federal Contract With Dept. of Justice

The EDWOSB is also currently looking for financing for the order.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, UNITED STATES

FONTANA, Calif. , June 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the federal marketplace, there are loads of opportunities across every industry imaginable. You don’t know what you’ll just find or what you will even be working on. That’s because there are plenty of businesses who will jump on opportunities that are outside of their own industries. From an outside perspective, this may sound impractical or even impossible, but it’s more common than one would think. One recent example of a business finding success in the federal marketplace by reaching out of their normal spectrum of work is Near Me, L.L.C.

Near Me L.L.C.  is a certified EDWOSB based out of Fontana, California, but they operate on a national level. Headed by Malarie Taylor, the company was founded in 2018. In the private sector, Near Me L.L.C. is known to provide professional landscaping services as well as residential/non-residential property management. So how did a business with these two focuses end up selling beans to the Department of Justice?

After doing some work in the private sector, Malarie knew she wanted to eventually open up shop with Uncle Sam. To do so, she received help from US Federal Contractor Registration to get properly registered in the System for Award Management as well as getting certified as an EDWOSB.

“Once we got SAM-certified, we started taking the advice to go through the learning centers and watching the videos,” said Malarie. Near Me L.L.C. received support from USFCR staff members such as Senior Acquisition Specialist Bobby Davis, Training Coordinator Anna Rose, and Case Manager Elizabeth Siniari.

Through USFCR’s educational materials and YouTube channel, Malarie was able to quickly learn the ropes of the federal sector. It was through videos featuring Executive Bid Trainer John Wayne, in which she got the idea of going for opportunities outside of Near Me L.L.C.’s industries.

“You have to start incorporating your life into it,” said Malarie about searching and bidding on opportunities. Digging through Unison, Malarie scanned through tons of solicitations in the federal marketplace. Just after four months of initially getting registered in SAM, Near Me L.L.C. reeled in its first federal contract. Although the contract was for providing the Department of Justice with pinto and wax beans, Malarie has an extensive background in delivery as well as transportation. It’s not what they have done in the past, but their core competencies means that they can do it.

“I felt excited to provide something like this because I’m connected to food and food makes people happy. I would like to provide it where ever it’s going,” said Malarie. It took Near Me L.L.C. nearly 60 bids before they won their first contract. Although this may sound like a lot, the small business made great time as on average, it takes businesses 12 to 18 months to win their first government contract. They got theirs in less than four.

“If you’re not bidding, you’re not getting looked at. If you’re not getting looked at, you’re not winning contracts,” she said. In essence, Near Me L.L.C. is a family business. Headed by Malarie she considers her son and husband as members of the team. Both she and her husband work 40 hours per week on top of submitting bids every day. For federal agencies needing to fulfill their quotas for awards to EDWOSBs, Near Me L.L.C. will be there to deliver.

US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s most trusted third-party government registration firm. Since 2010, they have helped businesses enter the federal sector with their System for Award Managment registration service. Registration in SAM is required for any business seeking federal contracts and grants. They also provide resources such as bid training, contract search technology, and assistance with set-aside certifications. Some of their notable clientele have included Amazon Web Services, Hewlett Packard, Goodwill, and the U.S. Army.


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