SignalFx Advances Real-Time Closed-Loop Automation with Amazon EventBridge

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SignalFx, the leader in real-time monitoring and observability for cloud infrastructure and microservices, today announced support for Amazon EventBridge, a newly launched service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that connects applications together, delivering a stream of real-time data from AWS resources, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and data from your own applications. With this new capability, shared SignalFx and AWS customers will be able to operate their infrastructure and applications with continuous closed-loop automation that improves responsiveness, SLA compliance, and customer experience without administrative overhead.

As organizations move to the cloud to take advantage of a programmable infrastructure that can be more easily controlled through automation, they recognize the need for a monitoring solution that can keep up with the highly dynamic and ephemeral nature of cloud-native technologies, such as containers, Kubernetes, and AWS Lambda functions. SignalFx was designed from the ground up to be an ideal solution for monitoring modern cloud environments. Because of its unique real-time streaming analytics architecture, SignalFx provides accurate visibility and problem detection in seconds instead of minutes or hours provided by traditional solutions.

With Amazon EventBridge, SignalFx users can leverage its analytics engine to detect issues across their stack and trigger the necessary automated events in AWS, via Amazon EventBridge, to remediate issues in seconds before their customers are affected.

For instance, a SignalFx alert could be tied to a combination of system metrics (like CPU utilization) and application metrics (like order processing latency). If CPU utilization is high and processing is slow, an alert is dispatched to Amazon EventBridge in seconds. If CPU utilization is low and orders are still backing up, a different Amazon EventBridge action would be needed—expanded queue handlers. SignalFx can differentiate these patterns using streaming analytics, and then dispatch an event to remediate in seconds.

“AWS customers are increasingly adopting event-driven architectures to rapidly deliver business critical applications,” said David Richardson, vice president, Serverless, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Support for Amazon EventBridge in SignalFx’s streaming analytics engine now allows AWS users to unlock real-time closed-loop automation. This allows for the immediate detection of issues and event-driven automated remediation.”

The SignalFx cloud monitoring platform uses streaming analytics and a unique NoSample™ tail-based distributed tracing architecture. Users monitor their services with high-resolution 1-second metrics and observe every single transaction—not just a small sample like legacy platforms. Problems are detected instantly and operators receive meaningful, accurate alerts in seconds, which can trigger automation events like rolling back bad code during CI/CD deployments with SignalFx’s Jenkins integrations and enabling the new automation capabilities with Amazon EventBridge. Findings are filtered in real-time to help developers spot issues and initiate fixes before they impact customers.

“We want our engineering team spending time on product and platform enhancements that make our clients happy and successful,” said Mike Hamrah, vice president and chief architect at Namely. “The visibility SignalFx provides in real-time across our full system has allowed us to accelerate our product development because we can trust the improvements we’re making to the Namely platform. We’re excited to see SignalFx deepening its relationship with AWS to further facilitate closed-loop automation, which gives our engineers even more time to focus on delivering value to clients.”

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