IP Professionals Gain Powerful Patent Data and Competitive Insight Through New AcclaimIP Features

Patent search and analytics platform launches advanced alert and analysis report tools for IP experts

BOSTON, July 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anaqua’s AcclaimIP, an industry leading patent analytics software solution, today announced enhancements to its patent alert system and the launch of its Patent Analysis Report (PAR). With these new tools, IP professionals can improve patent search workflows and monitor competitive landscapes with unparalleled precision.

Through AcclaimIP’s new alert features, IP professionals can closely monitor, customize, and automate alert triggers based on their patent data needs in order to best align their IP strategy with the business. Notable new patent alert features include custom trigger events, pre-programed alert triggers such as forward rejections, and enhanced workflows for creating new alerts, reviewing weekly matches, and adding patents and/or patent families to inclusion lists.

Another major addition, the Patent Analysis Report (PAR), provides IP professionals with a one-page summary of the who, what, when, and key statistics that indicate the strength and relevancy of a patent. PARs provide essential data, such as patent citation and rejection analyses, and are easily shareable through PDFs or HTML links with those outside the AcclaimIP platform. Whether evaluating portfolios, making annuity and/or maintenance decisions, looking for licensing opportunities, or reporting research findings to a client, PARs can help IP professionals save time, gain a better understanding of a patent’s value, and reduce IP risk.

“Great results start with great data, and AcclaimIP is continuously finding the best ways in delivering valuable information to its customers,” said Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua. “With these new tools, IP professionals have access to actionable intelligence that allows them to make the decisions necessary for aligning IP with the business.”

About Anaqua

Anaqua is a premium provider of integrated, end-to-end innovation and intellectual property (IP) management solutions, serving more than 50% of the top 25 U.S. patent filers, more than 50% of the top 25 global brands, and a growing number of the most prestigious, forward-looking law firms. The company’s global operations are headquartered in Boston, with offices across Europe and Asia. Anaqua’s IP platform is used by nearly one million IP executives, attorneys, paralegals, administrators, and innovators globally. Its solution suite merges best practice workflows with big data analytics and tech-enabled services to create one intelligent environment designed to inform IP strategy, enable IP decision-making, and streamline IP operations. For additional information, please visit anaqua.com.

About AcclaimIP

Anaqua’s AcclaimIP is an exceptionally fast and powerful patent search and analytics software platform ideally suited to enhance the entire IP process. With AcclaimIP, inventors, attorneys, researchers, and executives can leverage public patent information to track competitors, write stronger claims, and make more informed filing, licensing, and renewal decisions to build superior patent strategies. The AcclaimIP platform includes over 100 million global patent documents updated with roughly 90,000 new documents weekly, including supporting data such as legal events, maintenance events, family data, application status, and assignment events. For additional information, please visit acclaimip.com.


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