Sigma becomes the First IDE with Live Debugging of AWS Lambda Functions

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, July 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SLAppForge, the underdog serverless technology startup from the Island of Ingenuity, Sri Lanka, has announced support for live debugging of NodeJS Lambda functions on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. In addition, the latest release introduces support for Python functions, along with experimental support to directly import and work with Serverless Framework based projects.

Sigma is the first completely browser-based IDE, purpose-built for simplifying serverless application development for beginners and experts alike. Compatible with both AWS and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), it supports cross-platform development with NodeJS and Python. Sigma also includes built-in SaaS-D monitoring for projects deployed to AWS, with all of the monitoring data being retained within the users’ AWS account with no third party access, data transfers or subscriptions being necessary.

Sigma's drag-and-drop code generation allows developers to easily integrate most of the key serverless services, such as API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB and RDS from AWS, and Cloud Storage, Pub/Sub and Cloud SQL from GCP. The proprietary quick-build feature of the IDE allows code changes to be applied into the live environment in about 5 seconds, while the testing tools such as the live log search and tailing, and automatically generated least-privilege security policies, boosts developer productivity.

Sigma has been in GA for AWS since October 2018, and now has its first white-labeled enterprise deployment in an API exchange built for the fintech industry, by a public company in the US. Within the API exchange, Sigma dynamically fetches a list of APIs subscribed by users, and presents a drag-and-drop enabled UI for consumption of these APIs based on Swagger definitions analyzed at runtime. This allows users to quickly build applications in a sandbox environment, and deploy them live to the AWS platform in a single click for quick and iterative development of financial services.

About SLAppForge

SLAppForge believes that serverless computing will disrupt the way that all applications are developed and deployed in the future. Its mission is to bring serverless computing into mainstream use. SLAppForge is always eager to meet investment and technology partners that believes in this mission.

SLAppForge and Sigma are trademarks of SLAppForge Lanka Private Ltd. All other marks are those of their respective owners.

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