Amfeltec will Showcase its “Three–in–One” PCIe Solution for Modern-Day SSD Storage at the Flash Memory Summit 2019 in the Western Digital Booth

MARKHAM, Ontario, Aug. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On behalf of Western Digital, Amfeltec invites Flash Memory Summit attendees to visit the Western Digital booth (#207) on Wednesday, August 7, at 5:00 PM. Amfeltec will discuss the challenges of effective PCIe SSD storage expansion, and it will outline how the Squid Carrier Board™ product line overcomes these challenges.

Amfeltec has been creating storage expansion solutions through carrier boards for over 10 years. “Our latest Squid PCIe Gen 3 Carrier Board is the best example of our proficiency in this area,” says Michael Feldman, President and CTO at Amfeltec Corp. “It is the fastest one-slot-wide board on the market for those who want a whole six SSD modules connected to one x8/x16 PCIe motherboard slot, while utilizing almost the entire bandwidth of that PCIe connection.” The result is a read speed of over 14.2 GB/sec, and a write speed of over 12.6 GB/sec. This is also the only board on the market to support modules with a width of up to 32 mm & length of up to 110 mm.

On August 7, Amfeltec will also highlight the most painful enterprise market challenges of PCIe SSD storage expansion, such as space utilization, temperature management, real-time status monitoring, and well-known requirements like speed & storage maximization. Amfeltec will demonstrate why its Squid Carrier Boards are the leading solution on the market, not only solving these known problems, but also providing the maximum storage and speed available today.

About Amfeltec Corporation:
Amfeltec is a Canadian company, incorporated since 2005. It is a leading provider of complex and innovative solutions for the world’s diverse electronics markets. Amfeltec specializes in electronic engineering, with emphasis on high-speed interconnect technologies, a large variety of computer hardware expansion products, telecommunications connectivity products, and testing & production tools.
All Amfeltec products are manufactured in Canada, and most are covered by one or more United States patents.


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