Zalenium Now Integrates With LambdaTest Selenium Grid

Now perform automation testing with Selenium without any hassle of maintaining a Selenium Grid with Zalenium & LambdaTest integration.

San Francisco, Aug. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LambdaTest, the fastest growing Cross Browser Testing platform, today confirmed that Zalenium now supports LambdaTest Selenium Grid out-of-the-box. Zalenium is one of the most used open source platforms favored by developers because of its capabilities around quickly setting up an in-house flexible Selenium Grid for  cross browser testing. With LambdaTest integration you can now leverage Zalenium directly to test on browsers and operating systems you don’t have access to inhouse. LambdaTest can be used to perform automation testing with Selenium without any hassle of maintaining a Selenium Grid.

Web testers are often face a problem in maintaining their selenium grid as it requires them to keep track of the latest version of selenium, synchronizing the Selenium release with latest browser & browser drivers release. This is where Zalenium plays a crucial role in helping them save their precious time and focus on fast forwarding their go-to market launch.

Speaking about the integration, Asad Khan, Co-Founder & CEO LambdaTest said “When we first launched our selenium grid in Feb 2019 we received a lot of requests for various integration and being a customer centric platform we aim to fulfil most. We always took customer first approach and aims at building an integrated ecosystem where the biggest worry of testers and developers should not be infrastructure. An integrated platform where all tools talk with each other and a developer or tester don’t have to hop from one platform to another for every small task. Continuing this vision, today we are proud to announce that this integration will not only help testers to use a flexible selenium grid on cloud but also run multiple Selenium scripts, simultaneously. We have made sure that the speed of product delivery increases so that real-world problems can be solved faster and in an efficient manner.”

Our mission from the start has been to make seamless and easy to use testing platform for web developers, testers and others and this new launch only validates our efforts. We'll keep working on new features and providing excellent support to our customers so that they can focus on building awesome products.”

LambdaTest platform offers cross-browser testing on more than 2000 desktop and mobile browsers, OS and resolution combinations. It enables users to run a number of parallel tests at once to speed up your testing time on Selenium Grid. Users can easily debug each test in detail, conduct test on latest & legacy browsers, perform continuous testing, test locally hosted web pages and even integrate with various project management tools for logging bug.

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Pricing & Availability:

LambdaTest offers a try before buy version of its Automation feature where all users can play with the tool for 200 minutes. Users can also avail unlimited access to run automation tests at as low as $79 per month on a subscription basis. The pricing also includes all the features of LIVE testing as a package.

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About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is cloud-based cross browser testing platform that helps in both manual and browser compatibility testing. Users can perform live interactive testing of their website or web app on a combination of 2000+ different browser and operating system right from their own browser. In addition, the platform allows the users to run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based Selenium grid and perform live interactive cross-browser testing of their public or locally hosted websites and web app on the cloud. LambdaTest also offers the feature of taking automated full page screenshots across all 2000+ environments to quickly test the layout, check in a single click how your website will look across 36 different devices, and compare design and HTML images. In addition, the LambdaTest platform also has single-click integration with popular project management and enterprise tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, Slack, and Visual Studio Team Services.

Media Contacts:

Asad Khan, Co-Founder & CEO LambdaTest 

Jay Singh, Co-Founder LambdaTest