New Study Finds 49% of Americans Report Post-Vacation Spending Guilt

Almost half of Americans spend beyond their budgetary means on vacation, with many suffering from guilt, stress, and financial consequences, according to a new survey by OppLoans

Chicago, Aug. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

In survey results released today by fintech firm OppLoans, 43% of respondents admitted to recently taking a vacation they couldn’t afford, and many reported emotional and financial consequences as a result. Report highlights include:

  • 49% of respondents suffered spending-related guilt from their vacations.
  • 46% of respondents experienced stress from their spending, with more than half (55%) of them losing sleep because of it.
  • 27% of respondents suffered financial consequences that included excessive credit card debt, loans, missed payments, or being forced to borrow money from family or friends.

Approximately 57% of respondents said a “vacation mentality” contributed to poor spending decisions that they wouldn’t otherwise make.

The survey, which ran from May through July 2019, was commissioned by OppLoans and conducted by Pollfish. It asked 7,480 vacation-goers about their vacation spending habits during the past 5 years. While the responses revealed a national trend of risky overspending, the data also illustrated geo-specific and telling differences among the states. Specifically: 

  • New Mexico — a state that has one of the highest percentages of delinquent credit card debt in the country — ranked No. 1 for excessive vacation spending.
  • West Virginia — another state with a high percentage of delinquent credit card debt — was the state with the highest level of guilt.
  • Utah had the highest level of stress — despite relatively good money management.

Surprisingly, states that ranked high for excessive vacation spending didn’t necessarily rank high for guilt. Findings included:

  • New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York topped the list of states with poor spending and disproportionately low levels of guilt.
  • Iowa, Oregon, and Nebraska, conversely, topped the list of states with responsible spending and disproportionately high levels of guilt.

“People go on vacation to leave their worries behind,” said Matt Pelkey, senior content manager at OppLoans. “But from our research results, it’s apparent that many Americans find guilt, stress, and unaffordable bills waiting for them when they return.”

OppLoans’ complete survey findings, as well as a shareable infographic and consumer tips for post-vacation finances and stress management, can be found at



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