Santander Chile returns to the Swiss market with a new 10 year issuance

Despite the high volatility observed on the markets, the strong interest from investors led to the successful bond placement by Banco Santander Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile, Aug. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yesterday, Banco Santander Chile successfully issued a bond in Swiss francs for CHF 100 million (equivalent to US$ 102 million) with a term of 10 years and achieved a spread of 69 basis points above the Mid-Swap. This is equivalent to a fixed rate of 0.135%, the bank’s lowest coupon rate to date in this market.

This issuance corresponds to the second transaction in Switzerland this year and adds to Santander Chile’s five other instruments outstanding in this market, reaching a total of CHF 790 million. This positions this market as one of the most important countries for international funding.

For Emiliano Muratore, Chief Financial Officer of Banco Santander Chile, “this new issuance is a reflection of the excellent positioning of the Bank in the international markets, considering that this is the first time we have extended the term to 10 years in Switzerland. Despite the uncertainty that markets are facing, we are benefiting from the low rate environment and executed a transaction that compares favorably to funding alternatives in the local market. Additionally, this transaction allows us to continue to diversify our investor base.”

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About Banco Santander Chile

Banco Santander Chile is the largest bank in Chile in terms of loans. As of June 30, 2019, we had total assets of Ch$42,031 billion (U.S.$ 62.0 billion), outstanding loans net of allowances for loan losses of Ch$30,289 billion (U.S.$ 44.6 billion), total deposits of Ch$22,032 billion (U.S.$ 32.5 billion) and equity of Ch$3.331 billion (U.S.$4.9 billion). Our BIS ratio at June 2019 was 13.1% with a core capital ratio of 10.4%. Our long-term credit risk ratings are A1 by Moody’s, A by Fitch, A by Standard and Poor’s and A+ by JCR.


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