Big Switch Extends Enterprise VPC to VMware Cloud Foundation and NSX-T

Company to Demonstrate Highly Scalable Fabric with Advanced Automation and Analytics for VMware SDDC at VMworld 2019 U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VMworld - Big Switch Networks, the Cloud-First Networking company, today announced that it has extended its Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud (E-VPC) integration to the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and NSX-T network virtualization solutions. Big Switch’s AWS VPC-style logical networking available through the Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) underlay now fully integrates with VMware’s software-defined data center (SDDC) portfolio, including NSX-T, vSphere, VxRail and vSAN, providing unmatched automation, visibility and troubleshooting capabilities.

Big Switch will showcase its Cloud-First Networking (CFN) portfolio, ideal for the VMware SDDC, at Booth #1927 at VMworld U.S., where the company will demo underlay automation and visibility for VCF and NSX-T environments as well as the entire SDDC portfolio. 

According to ACG Research, with Big Cloud Fabric and VMware, IT users are able to achieve:

  • 8x faster initial network setup
  • 12x faster configuration, application deployment, and troubleshooting
  • 30x faster upgrading

Big Cloud Fabric delivers rapid change management in resilient and highly scaled environments of thousands of servers and tens of thousands of VMs and containers.

“As we continue to deepen our partnership with VMware, our hundreds of joint customers benefit from the value of Big Switch’s Cloud-First Networking, integrated with VMware’s SDDC portfolio, and Dell EMC’s Open Networking hardware,” said Douglas Murray, CEO, Big Switch Networks. “Whether in the Enterprise Cloud or Public Cloud, the combination of technologies from Big Switch, VMware and Dell EMC provide the optimal path to supporting hybrid cloud and edge cloud environments. 

VPC Automation for VMware Cloud Foundation
To maximize benefits of VCF deployments, an automated, zero-touch physical network fabric is required. Just like the Public Clouds use VPCs to build multi-tenant L2/L3 networks, BCF leverages E-VPC, an AWS-style VPC on-prem construct, to deliver a Cloud-Network-as-a-Service operational experience in data center. Specifically, BCF creates E-VPCs for each of the VMware SDDC components allowing logical L2/L3 isolation and multi-tenancy.

With VCF, the SDDC components (vSphere, vSAN and NSX) get deployed on multiple different ESXi nodes. These nodes need to communicate with each other for management, vSAN and vMotion traffic via BCF’s underlay fabric. BCF automates L2 network provisioning within the E-VPCs as well as host network provisioning, so admins are free of manual, box-by-box complexity of legacy networks.

VPC Automation for VMware NSX-T
To operate an underlay at the speed of NSX-T VMs, BCF has integrated E-VPC with NSX-T to create logical abstraction between underlay policy declaration and physical fabric change management. Specifically, BCF’s E-VPC automation for NSX-T provides:

  • Automated Host network provisioning: NSX-T’s ESXi/KVM nodes are auto discovered and provisioned as per the teaming policy. No hard-wired port mapping needed -- a server link can be connected to any speed-appropriate fabric port. Also any server can be placed in or moved to any rack at any time -- BCF’s controller automatically maps logical-to-physical through SDN intelligence while providing full topology visibility to the network admin.
  • Automated Transport network creation: To provide NSX-T GENEVE tunnel communication, BCF automates NSX-T transport VLANs provisioning within the E-VPC. Unlinke box-by-box network, no manual and error-prone box-based configurations are required.
  • Deep NSX-T visibility for network admin: BCF provides visibility into the NSX networking environment as well as underlay networking in a single dashboard, making it easy for network & virtualization admins to make overlay/underlay correlation and get an end-to-end picture.
  • Contextual Analytics: With BCF Fabric analytics, network admins can not only see events, errors, logs, performance stats from all the underlay switches in the fabric, but also all the events from NSX-T manager and vCenter in a single console. Network admins can now easily visualize the current state of the physical (underlay) and virtual (overlay) network or perform historical analysis from a single dashboard.
  • Rapid troubleshooting: with BCF Fabric Trace, admins can trace end-to-end packets between any connected NSX-T tunnel endpoints (TEPs) across the fabric, with just one click and get hop by hop packet stats, thus enabling admins to restore services rapidly as compared to box-by-box underlay networks

With BCF + NSX-T, customers no longer have to deal with complexities of box-by-box network underlay with time consuming manual provisioning and operate blindly to NSX-T overlay.

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