QuinStreet, Inc. Announces Partnership with Credit.com

Proprietary technology provides consumers with robust access to personal loan options.

Foster City, Aug. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

QuinStreet, Inc., a leader in performance marketplace products and technologies, and credit resource Credit.com, announced today a partnership to help consumers obtain personal loans more efficiently.

Credit.com will now exclusively use QuinStreet’s technology to successfully match consumers with appropriate personal loan options. This proprietary technology reviews an applicant’s financial information, including: income, loan purpose, loan amount, employment status, home ownership status and credit score to determine a range of borrowing alternatives.

QuinStreet’s personal loans business includes a network of more than 70 lenders, providing unparalleled consumer choices. Telephone support and live chat with loan specialists deliver personalized service and deep consumer engagement. Over the past five years, an increasing number of consumers have been turning to QuinStreet’s personal loan services for solutions. Approximately 500,000 consumers are currently assisted monthly, resulting in hundreds of millions in funded loans annually.

“For more than 24 years, Credit.com has worked to help consumers build and manage their credit wisely, enabling them to make smart financial decisions,” explains David Lord, Vice President and General Manager, of Credit.com. “After testing QuinStreet’s technology for several months, it is clear that our users are completing their inquiry process more rapidly and are receiving a larger number of appealing loan options than they were before. This helps our customers navigate a path to financial wellbeing and gain access to credit when they need it most.”

Consumers provide essential information via a convenient, easy-to-navigate form process and benefit from an optimized matching algorithm that quickly provides a wide array of loan offers. Potential borrowers are also able to speak by phone with personal loan specialists for assistance at any time.

In addition to providing regular progress reports, QuinStreet’s technology enables Credit.com to view performance information in real-time for personal loan inquiries and any other categories where the technology is used.

“Credit.com is a highly-respected organization with a mission to help consumers that is well-aligned with our own goals,” observes Ethan Jones, vice president, QuinStreet. “We are enthusiastic about helping Credit.com visitors gain access to the financial solutions they seek.”

About QuinStreet, Inc.
QuinStreet, Inc. (Nasdaq: QNST) is a pioneer in delivering online marketplace solutions to match searchers with brands in digital media. QuinStreet is committed to providing consumers and businesses with the information and tools they need to research, find and select the products and brands that meet their needs.

About Credit.com
Credit.com was established for the “hardest working American”—to guide them towards financial wellbeing while supporting them every step of the way. That’s why Credit.com provided consumers with a credit report card, which breaks down their credit report in an easily understandable way. The company’s goal is to help all consumers establish, build and access credit in order to accomplish their financial goals.
Website: https://quinstreet.com
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