Four SolarWinds Solutions Named 2019 Top Rated Products by TrustRadius

SolarWinds customers champion SAM, DPA, VMAN, and NPM

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced TrustRadius, the most trusted customer review platform for B2B technology, has named SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), Virtualization Manager (VMAN), and Network Performance Monitor (NPM) as 2019 Top Rated Products.

“TrustRadius Top Rated Product distinctions are particularly important for us because they’re entirely based on end-user reviews – the only feedback that really matters,” said Craig McDonald, vice president, product, SolarWinds. “With this recognition, IT pros have recognized our leadership not only in network management, but also have recognized the depth of our systems management portfolio. For the past 20 years, SolarWinds has focused on helping tech pros solve their IT operations management challenges through deep connections with the IT community we serve and utilizing customer feedback in the development of our products. We challenge the notion there’s any better honor to receive than one based on actual customer reviews, and we’re honored they’ve earned our products four TrustRadius awards this year.”

The SolarWinds solutions were named Top Rated products in each of their respective categories:

  • SolarWinds SAM won in Application Performance Management (APM): TrustRadius reviews from verified users show 8.3 out of 10 users are likely to recommend SAM, with 9.0 out of 10 likely to renew.
  • SolarWinds DPA won in SQL Server® Performance Monitoring: Similarly, 8.3 out of 10 users are likely to recommend DPA to others, with 9.1 out of 10 likely to renew. 
  • SolarWinds VMAN won in Virtualization Management: 8.4 out of 10 users are likely to recommend VMAN and 9.5 out of 10 are likely to renew.
  • SolarWinds NPM won in Network Performance Monitoring: 8.8 out of 10 users are likely to recommend NPM and 10 out of 10 are likely to renew.

Along with SolarWinds NPM, three SolarWinds Systems Management products—SAM, DPA, and VMAN—take the top honors in their respective TrustRadius categories. Each of these products is designed to answer the challenging realities today’s tech pros face in ensuring that business-critical systems and applications are available and performing. In the reviews, SolarWinds users highlight the benefits of products designed to empower tech pros to optimize the performance of IT environments wherever they reside, whether on-premises, or in hybrid, or public cloud models. This further illustrates how the SolarWinds approach—built on engagement with the THWACK® community of over 150,000 registered members—enables SolarWinds to solve IT management challenges the way tech pros want them to be solved.

"SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, SolarWinds NPM, and SolarWinds Virtualization Manager have won a Top-Rated Award for SolarWinds based entirely on feedback from their customers," said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “Database Performance Analyzer is most frequently highlighted by reviewers for its simplicity and ease-of-use, ease of server alert setup, and tracking of long-running queries over time. Server & Application Monitor is also cited for its ease-of-use, easy implementation, ability to monitor many different systems, and integration with the Orion Platform. SolarWinds NPM is another product praised for an easy to navigate UI, powerful identification of network issues, and a customizable alerting system. Virtualization Manager is most often praised for its capacity management and sprawl analysis, custom alerts and reports, and easy setup."

Real Verified User Reviews of Server & Application Monitor (SAM):

“One of the biggest areas of ROI is for our DBA, with the combination of SAM and DPA we have been able to streamline the maintenance and troubleshooting of applications. it has taken us probably less than 5 minutes to tell supervisors where the issue lies when something is not working… The integration of SAM with the other modules helps us ensure that we are looking at the complete information to make knowledgeable decisive decisions regarding different situations.”
Nate Nettrouer, Senior Help Desk Technician, New York Blower

“In my environment, you may have devices or systems at remote locations, in the cloud, off-domain, on other domains, or mobile. The tool allows us to manage all of these devices from one pane of glass. Problems are discovered quickly, and the management of these remote devices is made simple… When you use a product like SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, you get insight into metrics that were once unseen. There were constant battles between networking/infrastructure/development teams, and the insights gained by this product, alleviate the finger-pointing and accusations between teams. The ‘blame game’ goes away, as you can easily see what or what team has to fix the underlying issue.”
Daniel Stinson, Sr. Systems Architect, Central Florida Expressway Authority

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Real Verified User Reviews of Database Performance Analyzer (DPA):

“DPA allows Nasdaq DBAs to troubleshoot performance issues quickly and easily… DPA allows us to quickly identify performance issues both during a crisis and proactively. It's also an easy way to monitor Job failures and other critical conditions across several hundred servers… DPA has allowed Nasdaq to reduce the time needed to troubleshoot performance issues… DPA is quite helpful when used during a crisis, when you are on the phone, or during a meeting; it provides a quick easy way to get the critical performance information quickly.”
John Dowling, SQL Server DBA, Nasdaq

“SolarWinds DPA should be on every DBA's wishlist… The alert configuration is very robust, allowing simple OOTB alerts as well as complex query-based alerts… We have been able to leverage the data provided by DPA to convince our software provider to make some changes to help resolve costly deadlocks… In cases where performance can make or break a company, DPA can allow for a huge impact.”
Darryl Hawes, Database Administrator, Meduri Farms, Inc.

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Real Verified User Reviews of Virtualization Manager (VMAN):

“I find myself working with many different businesses who have a need to monitor their virtualization infrastructure. Virtualization Manager, or VMAN for short, is the best-in-class, vendor agnostic, tool which does that job in spades. Whether an organisation uses VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or a combination of both, VMAN provides all the details an organisation could want on their hypervisor estate. When integrated with other Orion modules, such as Server and Application Manager (SAM) and Network Performance Monitor (NPM), you get visibility across the whole estate, using Orion's AppStack™ environment views. In my experience, once a business takes up an evaluation of VMAN, they quickly find it a key part of their infrastructure team's toolset.”
Jez Marsh, Founder, Silverback Systems

“Virtualization Manager is being used by the IT department to manage and monitor our relatively large, global VMware environment… The volume of data available from Virtualization Manager out of the box is huge. We were shocked at the amount of issues we had that Virtualization Manager highlighted within the first few days… Virtualization Manager is well suited to any enterprise organisation where the VM sprawl is getting out of hand or if you have hosts in different locations with different staff managing the inventory. It gives control back to you and a deep dive into what’s actually happening on the hosts.”
Rob Bates, Public & Private Cloud Senior Engineer, Creditsafe

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Real Verified User Reviews of Network Performance Monitor (NPM):

“SolarWinds is our recipe for success… SolarWinds has been instrumental in proactively addressing network and power issues prior to end users calling us. This level of support has enabled us to minimize downtime saving our company a significant amount of money.”
Aaron Oberman, Network Systems Administrator, Foremost Farms USA

“The best set of tools for your network monitoring needs… NetPath has been a valuable asset and a good addition to NPM. It has helped save a lot of time to identify connectivity issues visually in a single path which has led to quicker resolution to issues. This has been beneficial for us to identify issues particularly with the ISP's at our remote locations.”
Mike Mozola, Senior Systems Engineer, Integral Blue

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