SignalFx Introduces New Integration with Jira Software Cloud to Shorten Time to Resolution and Improve Developer Productivity

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SignalFx, the leader in real-time monitoring and observability for cloud infrastructure and microservices, today announced a new integration with Atlassian’s Jira Software to expedite problem resolution and streamline DevOps workflows when developers are using Jira Cloud or Jira Server. The new functionality enables real-time alerts in SignalFx to automatically trigger Jira issues that include relevant metrics with additional context. As a result, developers can be faster and more efficient in resolving incidents and improving overall customer experience.

“We give teams the tools they need to work together to build great software,” said Matt Ryall, Head of Product, Jira Software Cloud. “By integrating Jira and SignalFx, developers and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams can collaborate more closely to resolve incidents and ensure they’re delivering the highest-quality software possible. As users of the SignalFx platform ourselves, we benefit from SignalFx’s unique ability to provide our DevOps teams with real-time visibility into the health and performance of our services. We are excited about the value this new integration will bring to all Jira users.”

With this new functionality, SignalFx alerts can now be configured to automatically trigger a Jira issue that immediately initiates an investigatory workflow, capturing the entire history throughout the resolution process. The SignalFx-generated Jira issue includes critical context about the incident, including time of occurrence and metrics that meet the configured alert conditions, along with default integration settings such as the Jira project, owner, and priority. By integrating Jira and SignalFx, organizations can benefit from:

  • Faster time to resolution. Alerting from SignalFx notifies the SRE team on service-wide patterns relevant to performance in real time. With the addition of Jira issues, developers can immediately begin investigating and remediating the issue, reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR). Once the alert condition clears, a comment is added to the issue, further improving MTTR and reducing effort by preventing teams from working on issues that have already cleared.
  • Deeper collaboration between SRE and developer teams. With the integration, SRE teams are able to automatically provide their developer counterparts insights into incidents. They can also configure the issue to be assigned to a specific Jira project and developer based on specified conditions.
  • Improved developer productivity. SignalFx-enriched Jira issues help accelerate a more efficient resolution process by making better use of developer time while speeding time to resolution.
  • Proactive enhancements and issue resolution. With the integration, developers now have a closed-loop mechanism whereby they can push code and immediately track the impact of their changes in real time. This gives them the ability to proactively set alerts, uncover areas where their application is showing signs of early stress, and follow-up on issues during normal business hours without being under the time pressure of an outage.

“The DevOps model has allowed organizations to move faster and innovate more rapidly, but this velocity comes with an added complexity that also extends to incidents,” said Patrick Lin, Chief Product Officer, SignalFx. “Our new integration between SignalFx and Jira delivers real-time insights into issues that arise during the DevOps lifecycle. By tightly coupling the tools used by SRE teams and developers, incidents are resolved faster and more efficiently, getting developers back to their primary role of building great software.”

Read more about the new integration on the SignalFx blog: SignalFx and Jira Software: Shortening Time to Resolution and Improving Developer Productivity.

About SignalFx
SignalFx, the only real-time cloud monitoring platform for infrastructure, microservices, and applications, collects and analyzes metrics and traces across every component in your cloud environment. Built on a massively scalable streaming architecture, SignalFx applies advanced analytics and data-science-directed troubleshooting to let operators find the root cause of issues in seconds. SignalFx is trusted by leading enterprises across most every industry sector. SignalFx is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Charles River Ventures, General Catalyst, and Tiger Global Management.

In August 2019, SignalFx announced​ a definitive agreement to be acquired by Splunk. The combination of SignalFx and Splunk will give IT and developers a data platform that allows them to monitor and observe data in real time, no matter the infrastructure or data volume, helping them cut costs, boost revenue, and improve the customer experience.

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