Dwolla Partners with Global Payments Provider TransferMate

New partnership brings international payments to the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, helping companies expanding into overseas markets

Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Financial technology company Dwolla, Inc. is partnering with TransferMate Global Payments to allow customers and their end users the ability to make and receive international payments. TransferMate’s leading global B2B payments technology, which features a robust legal and compliance framework, enables companies to send and receive cross-border payments faster and easier than ever before, reducing costs and alleviating errors.

Dwolla connects businesses to the ACH Network to initiate payments within the United States. This new addition to the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem gives Dwolla clients access to TransferMate’s unique global payments network in 162 countries and 134 currencies. Businesses using TransferMate allow their end users to initiate a single payment, request payment or send multiple payments with one upload. Once the funds are transferred to TransferMate domestically, TransferMate makes the payment from its local account in the recipient’s country in local currency, with funds arriving the same day/next day. 

“We understand how needs evolve during a growth period for a company, which is why working with first-class partners is so important,” says Stephanie Atkin, Dwolla’s Vice President of Marketing. “That way you give yourself a chance to be successful. TransferMate is a first-class partner that we’re proud to refer to our customers.”

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company offering businesses an onramp to the Automated Clearing House Network, the electronic funds-transfer system used by U.S. financial institutions that moves $51 trillion annually. The Dwolla Partner Ecosystem was formed to provide Dwolla’s clients with access to services that can help them scale effectively. 

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, helping businesses to expand their operations into overseas markets,” Tom Butler, International Commercial Director for TransferMate, says. “TransferMate is all about making it faster and easier for businesses to trade internationally, and we’re excited to offer our leading payments technology to Dwolla clients.” 

TransferMate and Dwolla make bank transfers possible both domestically and abroad. 


About TransferMate

TransferMate is a global B2B payments technology firm, enabling companies to send and receive cross-border payments faster and easier than ever before. TransferMate has built one of the largest portfolios of payments licences worldwide, including in 51 US states and territories, to support trading in 162 countries. Leading banks, fintechs & software providers partner with TransferMate to offer an enhanced user experience for their business customers. Using TransferMate’s technology and global banking infrastructure, companies benefit from better exchange rates, greater transparency and improved reconciliation via direct integration into accounting and ERP systems. 

TransferMate, part of Taxback Group, has attracted major strategic investments from leading banks such as ING and AIB, who have cumulatively invested €51 million in the company. TransferMate’s sister company Immedis, which specialises in the provision of global payroll service through a unified technology platform, recently announced a €25 million growth investment from Scottish Equity Partners.

About Dwolla

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company that is changing the way businesses send and receive funds. The company offers a seamless, white-label API platform to connect to the ACH Network to initiate payments.

Since 2008, when Dwolla began creating the ideal platform to move money, the company has helped move billions of dollars for millions of end-users annually for businesses of all shapes and sizes; in addition, Dwolla has been mentioned in Inc., Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Businesses that need to efficiently send or receive money and are ready for the future either use Dwolla—or they should. Learn more at http://www.dwolla.com/



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