R3 Continuum Launches New R3SILIENCY Crisis Response App

App provides all levels of an organization access to on demand behavioral health support, disruptive event self-care education and immediate access to crisis response coordinators

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- R3 Continuum (R3c), a specialty behavioral health company, launched its new R3SILIENCY app, which is the first-of-its-kind and will facilitate wellbeing in an organization in the wake of a crisis or disruptive event. The app provides all levels of an organization on demand access to behavioral health support and self-care education. For organizational leadership, it assesses an organization’s readiness level and provides immediate access to R3c’s crisis response coordinators 24/7/365, from any iOS or Android smart phone or mobile device.  

There’s currently nothing else on the market like our R3SILIENCY crisis response app,” said R3 Continuum President Jim Mortensen. “We’re proud to have built something, leveraging R3 Continuum’s 30 years of experience, to give HR professionals a resource in the palm of their hands in a way that’s never been done before.”

The R3SILIENCY app features three different access levels for contracted customers with tools for senior leadership, management and employees – from top-level tailored strategies to case details and reporting, 24/7 clinician support and tools for leadership to communicate with their organization. The app also will be available for guest access – allowing any professional to take advantage of readiness assessments, response strategies and educational materials. Making its debut on the app is Robin, an artificial intelligence personality that will provide real-time support and chatting for all contracted access levels. Employees can have discrete, confidential conversations with Robin and will be transferred either via phone or right through the app, to the R3c clinical consult center if specialized dialogue is deemed necessary.

“Wow. This is impressive. You are ahead of the times.” R3 Continuum customer following a demo of the R3SILIENCY app.

For the last 30 years, R3c has been providing behavioral health solutions to workplaces across the United States. Annually, the company responds to more than 18,000 disruptive events in the workplace, with an average of 1,500 per month. Some notable events that R3 Continuum has provided immediate and ongoing support in the wake of are: September 11; the Las Vegas shooting; Hurricanes Katrina, Andrew, Harvey, Maria, Irma, Sandy and Florence; the Boston Marathon bombing; the 2017 California wildfires; the Joplin, Kansas, tornado, the Miracle on the Hudson, the Japan Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the San Bernardino workplace shooting; the Virginia Tech shooting; the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and many other relatively smaller scale disruptions in the workplace (e.g., mass layoffs, rioting, death of an employee, power abuse by leadership, catastrophic injury, etc.). R3c supports both human resource professionals and employees directly with onsite and telephonic support, behavioral health assessments and case coordination, leadership strategy and readiness.

To learn more about R3 Continuum or the new R3SILIENCY app, visit R3c.com or download the R3SILIENCY app for free, now available in the Android and iOS stores.

About R3 Continuum
R3 Continuum (R3c) is the only behavioral health company to provide custom behavioral health solutions for workplace wellbeing. We offer tailored evaluations, crisis response, consulting solutions, and more to help organizations and their employees cultivate resilience and productivity in the wake of disruptive events. R3c responds annually to over 18,000 events in the workplace, supporting human resource professional and their employees with assessments, crisis response, and leadership consulting. Learn more at R3c.com.

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