Human Resource Executive® Announces Winners of Top HR Products of 2019 Awards

Ten New Products Representing Excellence and Innovation in the HR Vendor Community Selected

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR, today announced the winners of the Top HR Products Awards. The annual award competition is designed to uncover the best new HR products.

Each year, the editors of Human Resource Executive® perform an extensive evaluation of the Top HR Products submissions. They also include as a part of the decision-making process input from a panel of outside experts and analysts. Winning solutions are selected based on their level of innovation, the value added to the HR function, intuitiveness for the user and ability to deliver on what they promise. After considering many strong submissions, the judges selected the following ten solutions as the Top HR Products of 2019:

AllyO Sourcing
AllyO, Palo Alto, Calif.

Part of the overall AllyO Recruitment Automation product suite, AllyO Sourcing is a scalable candidate-engagement platform that primarily uses artificial intelligence to reach and attract large numbers of job candidates with minimal resources and time. It automates the hiring process by scanning and parsing applications, connecting with candidates via text and web chat to screen them into a job requisition and then immediately adding them to an employers’ applicant tracking software.

Amplify VMS
SparcStart, New York, N.Y.
Amplify is a one-stop-shop for recruitment videos that aims to help organizations streamline processes for creating, sharing, distributing and cataloging videos. It is the only solution of its kind that allows clients both to upload existing content and to create their own on the platform. Simple and quick, this product allows a manager to input a vision for a video and push it to a recruiter via an email link. In just a few clicks, recruiters craft videos that they input directly into the system.

Montage Intelligent Recruiting Assistant (Mira)
Montage, Delafield, Wis.
Mira offers a suite of recruiting tools that aim to enable faster, more efficient processes, such as on-demand text interviewing, automated self-scheduling and “Unbiased Candidate Review,” which masks candidates’ identities during on-demand video interviews to help ensure that decisions are based solely on the content of their responses. Overall, it provides the choices and configurability that many recruiting teams cry out for in one easy-to-use platform.

Next Gen HCM
ADP, Roseland, N.J.
This new human capital management platform is designed to accommodate the team-based structure of many of today’s organizations, allowing managers to interact with, motivate and monitor people with whom they have a “dotted-line” reporting relationship and with non-traditional workers, such as independent contractors. Between its AI and predictive-analytics capabilities, conversational mobile interface and low-code development platform, this tool keeps organizations nimble, encourages connections and lets clients personalize it with ease.

Olivia Hire for Retail & Restaurant
Paradox, Phoenix, Ariz.
Entirely mobile-enabled, Olivia Hire facilitates each step of the hiring process for busy restaurant and retail hiring managers, eliminating recruiter involvement or lengthy times-to-fill. Chatbot “Olivia” bridges the gap between candidates and hiring managers by determining eligibility for candidates and collecting a pool of candidates for hiring managers. Olivia also can eliminate administrative tasks, such as sending offer letters and onboarding documents, helping ensure both candidates and hiring managers are up to speed and using their time effectively.

SHL Verify Interactive
SHL, Thames Ditton, England
This cognitive-ability assessment suite is designed to work on the small screen on mobile devices to effectively measure general mental ability, deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. Candidates work on real-world tasks, such as reading business-related statements and answering questions, interpreting charts and graphs, and reconciling cash-register totals. This mobile-friendly tool can enhance candidate diversity and can provide tests in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Simplified Chinese.

Grokker, San Jose, Calif.
Part of Grokker’s on-demand wellbeing solution, Streaks is a first-of-its-kind corporate engagement and inspiration feature that combines daily rewards and digital reminders to keep employees on a path to positive change. Available on desktops and as an app, it uses an Encourage, Track and Reward model that lets users see their healthy behaviors mapped out over time. Streaks takes a positive, proactive approach that’s more like a supportive teammate than a demanding coach.

Talroo Insights™ dashboard
Talroo, Austin, Texas
This web-based product monitors millions of job searches each day from thousands of job boards and websites in nine vertical markets, including retail, healthcare, customer service and transportation. Four dashboard reports—account summary, campaign summary, job summary and competitive summary—provide valuable information for recruiters and hiring managers. Among its best features is the ability to help recruiters compare the success of their job ads to similar ones posted by competitors, helping HR to create a stronger ad that attracts top talent.

Vault Platform, London, England
This phone app, aimed at employers with more than 1,000 workers, helps employees record, report and retrieve incidents related to misconduct in the workplace, ranging from bullying and fraud to sexual harassment. Employees log their complaint, answering questions it and uploading any evidence, which they can then submit anonymously and track. Managers also have access to a dashboard that reveals the types of complaints submitted by their staff and the HR professional handling them. The system analyzes data to help HR identify hot spots, which can help HR identify what’s triggering such problems and develop or tailor training programs accordingly.

Virtual Reality Inclusion Experience
DDI, Bridgeville, Pa.
This tool provides an immersive, virtual-reality exploration of what it feels like to be undervalued because of insensitivity to diversity. With VR headsets, users interact with virtual characters in scenarios that give them the experience of having their opinions and ideas ignored, undervalued or even derided. Strapping on the Oculus VR goggles reinforces the feeling that the user is “living” the experience and, therefore, can experience the emotions associated with being part of an undervalued group in a business setting. We especially appreciate how nuanced, negative expressions and gestures from the actors in the simulation can be seen and felt.

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