SmashFly Launches CRM Pipeline Intelligence to Jumpstart Higher-Quality Talent Relationships and Quicker Hiring

SmashFly CRM’s new AI recommendation engine suggests and pipelines top candidates by skills and engagement with an employer

CONCORD, Mass., Oct. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmashFly Technologies, the leader in enterprise career site and recruitment CRM technology, releases Pipeline Intelligence, an AI-driven sourcing engine that helps talent acquisition teams better organize and match pipelines to skills and jobs and understand the people within these pipelines to prioritize recruitment marketing campaigns.

“When talent is ready to consider us, we need to be able to recognize them, pipeline accordingly and deploy the right next touchpoint. Pipeline Intelligence will give us the ability to understand and respond to the abilities and interests of candidates as they come into our CRM; it’s a game-changer,” said a SmashFly customer from a Fortune 500 technology company.

SmashFly’s 2019 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Research found that more than half of Fortune 500 companies with talent networks don’t send monthly communication, and a mere 28 percent send personalized jobs, leaving potential candidates sitting in a database without reason to engage and recruiters with thousands of contacts but little context on who to prioritize and what campaigns to send.

SmashFly Pipeline Intelligence solves that issue, giving recruiters an intelligent starting point for all souring and marketing. The module is based on a proprietary algorithm that holistically and contextually analyzes CRM data across a candidate’s entire lifecycle with an employer, making sense of how their skills, experience and engagement fit into a pipeline and match to a current or open job req.

The true power is pairing the Skills Score and the Candidate Engagement Index within Pipeline Intelligence: combined, recruiting teams get a suggested list of the best matched and most engaged talent to start building the right relationships first. The dynamic scoring module is built directly into the CRM, allowing recruiters to add qualified pipelines to brand and job campaigns instantly.

“For recruiting teams to get the most out of their CRMs, the first step is finding quality in the quantity, and our AI is built for that,” said SmashFly CEO, Thom Kenney. “Better pipelines mean stronger relationships with people already familiar with your employer brand and qualified for the job. Pipeline Intelligence is the true sourcing – and marketing – starting point to connect people with careers.”

The key benefits of SmashFly Pipeline Intelligence enable talent acquisition teams to:

  • Build pipelines of internal and external talent and match by specific skills, background, work history, location and more — sorted and ranked by each candidate’s Skills Score (percentage match from 1-100).
  • Evaluate an individual candidate’s engagement with your brand using the Candidate Engagement Index, an algorithm that scores interest across marketing campaigns, events, career sites and more.
  • Add pipelines directly to jobs or campaigns, targeting high quality and highly engaged talent with relevant job openings to increase conversion or branded nurture campaigns to warm up less engaged talent.
  • Consistently combat bias in recruiting by matching talent without reference to data like name, gender, education, age and word sequencing.

SmashFly Pipeline Intelligence is now available for demonstration at Booth No. 1102 at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition held in Las Vegas October 1-4, 2019. Text HRTECH2019 to 250-00 to book a time to demo onsite or post-show.

More about SmashFly Technologies

Privately held, SmashFly is backed by OpenView Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners. One-quarter of the company's customers are part of the Fortune 500 and its platform has users in 69 countries worldwide. Powered by intelligent automation and AI, SmashFly's platform combines CRM, career site, event, and internal mobility solutions to help talent acquisition teams discover, market, and create careers across the talent lifecycle from intern to retirement. To learn more about SmashFly, visit and follow us on Twitter @SmashFly.


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