Keboola Brings Data Innovation Platform to the US

Data innovation platform enables quick and secure experimentation by leveraging data you already have

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Keboola, the leading data innovation platform, today announces formal entry into the US market. Keboola unlocks your businesses’ existing data investments by acting as a data innovation “fabric” that layers over your legacy and modern systems. By connecting traditionally siloed, large-scale data systems and people into a single, secure environment that is designed to produce fast and actionable decision-making, Keboola enables anyone in all departments to be data-driven innovators across the enterprise.

The powerful Keboola platform has helped some of the world’s largest companies rapidly transition from ad hoc spreadsheets to centralized access and state-of-the-art data governance, visibility and control. Keboola has served the global enterprise for years, assisting GoodYear, Zendesk, Home Credit, Avast, DXC and many more drive growth by leveraging data they already have.

“Our customers love using Keboola, and once they get started, they almost always share it with their teams, colleagues and friends. They’ve asked us to expand our footprint to the U.S. enterprise. We are excited to bring our passion for data craftsmanship to new users, to unlock their growth,” said Keboola CEO, Pavel Doležal.

Per Paul Toldalagi, Keboola’s Head of Advisory Board (former Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Senior Group Executive at Zurich Financial Services, and Executive Chair and Managing Partner for BTA Investment Advisors and BTA-Partners): “[Keboola]…offers an acceleration ramp for banks to incorporate advanced Data Science techniques (e.g., Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, AI) in their client-facing business operations while increasing efficiency, particularly in mid- and back-office operations, through selective automation."

"As a rapidly growing company, we knew that getting the right data products ingrained into our DNA from the beginning would be fundamental to sustaining the rapid growth at Productboard. Keboola has allowed all our data to live in one place, so the tools we use throughout the company can be easily integrated. This has created not only a solid, scalable foundation for our data stack but it's also allowed us to leverage data insights at every level of the business." Hubert Palan, CEO of ProductBoard

By making data accessible in one place, Keboola helps any kind of team make better, coordinated decisions in a fraction of the time. A surprisingly broad range of businesses are recognizing the value of Keboola, from the largest financial institutions to retail and consumer.

About Keboola
Keboola is a multi-cloud, data innovation platform that unlocks data ops to automate data-based processes and analytics so data is easily accessible, flexible, and secure. The all-in-one environment connects to legacy and modern data sources, centralizing infrastructure, management, and governance — without disrupting existing operations. Business and IT users have a self-service, integrated place to automate and orchestrate a vast array of cross-silo data transformations — which form the foundation of a leading-edge company’s ongoing digital transformation capability. For more info, visit

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