Molecular You Introduces New Precision Fitness Playbook: myFitnessFx™

Takes the guesswork out of fitness programs with precision fitness metrics

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Molecular You, the personalized health company, today announced the launch of myFitnessFx, a precision fitness playbook designed to make fitness more personal. myFitnessFx shows the true impact exercise is having on the body, and any hidden factors affecting health and performance.

The gym, health and fitness club industry in North America is estimated to reach $41 billion in 2019, with over 10% being spent on personal trainers.* Despite billions being spent on fitness programs, most people do not know if their chosen program is right for their unique physical condition and health needs or whether it is achieving the desired outcomes in terms of health or performance. There is a distinct lack of data to inform and personalize training.

myFitnessFx uses AI-driven blood marker analysis, with expert insights, to show what’s happening in the body, at the molecular level, in response to exercise. The product looks at five primary areas of fitness: fuel selection and availability, training and recovery, mitochondrial function, athletic benchmarking and underlying health. myFitnessFx draws from an unparalleled breadth of analysis (metabolites, proteins, vitamins, minerals and environmental exposures) to provide personalized recommendations for improving fitness, correcting nutritional imbalances and addressing any underlying health issues.

Taking the guesswork out of workouts
The playbook caters to a broad range of people. For some, it is more about performance, whether they are overtraining and how to avoid injury and muscle soreness. For others, it is simply about understanding how to stay healthy for the long term, with movement and personalized food choices. For everyone, it’s about eliminating the guesswork and designing fitness and nutrition plans based on personal data.

“This is the most advanced science in its field - and it’s right in our backyard,” commented Don Copeman, Founder of Copeman Healthcare.

Fit on the inside
“This unique service shows individuals, at the molecular level, if they are truly fit,” explained Rob Fraser, CEO Molecular You. “We’ve found people who appear to be at the top of their game, having lost weight and taken part in a major athletic challenge, and yet have significant underlying health issues that were previously undetected and needed to be managed,” continued Fraser.

“The point is that you can appear fit on the outside, and yet not be fit on the inside,” explained Fraser. “It’s only by examining a broad range of blood markers combined with our proprietary analytic technologies that one understands, with clarity, how a body is performing and what actions need to be taken in terms of exercise and nutrition to be optimal. When it comes to health it is vital that we understand as much as we can so we can take appropriate action to stay healthy.”

The playbook is available in a range of packages with increasing breadth of biomarker analysis: myFitnessFx, Pro and Max. The service will be made available through health clubs, gyms and corporate health programs.

About Molecular You
Molecular You is a personalized digital health company with a mission to deliver true precision health on a single platform that empowers individuals to take control of their health. The company’s AI-driven digital health platform generates personal health assessments and lifestyle action plans through a visually-intuitive dashboard based an individual’s multi-dimensional data. MY Health TrackerTM is the company’s smart phone app that helps customers conveniently track their progress and stay engaged with their Lifestyle Action Plans on an ongoing basis.

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Contact Information:

Julie Jang
Director Communications, Molecular You 

*IBIS World Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs in the US April 2019;
IBIS World Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs in Canada March 2019