Klare, the Chilean startup, seeks to revolutionize insurance sales with a 100% digital platform

100% digital new insurance broker offers a simple, transparent and personalized model

  • It will work with different insurance companies with the support of Banco Santander Chile and ZIMS, two companies that joined forces to create Klare with a focus on innovating in a market that has remained, until now, stuck in the traditional model.

  • Without the fine print and initially focused on early adopters, it will offer a differentiated experience, with a simple process and tailored options, giving the control back to the client.
  • The Chilean startup aspires to pioneer in the InsurTech field: technology focused on the insurance in market, a subsegment of Fintechs.

SANTIAGO, Chile, Oct. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The new insurance broker opted for a 100% online platform which tailors the options shown to the needs of each client. The objective of Klare is to be bring closer the insurance options to those who need it but do not have knowledge and/or mistrust the products and services the market offers today. The main idea is to break down the barriers that exist between the people and the insurance companies, and enable more people to protect themselves against futures risks.

The digitalization permits the startup Klare to reach a larger audience, and the idea is to adapt the insurance market to the new generations.

More than half of the bancarized population has some kind of insurance active, according to a study done by Klare. These people spend on average Ch$55,391 (US$75) each month on insurance. They mainly have life, auto, and credit life insurance. When choosing an insurance broker, the client looks for a Company that guarantees transparency and is easily contacted.

The commitment of Klare when developing a product will be based on three pillars:

1. Simple: No complex words. We understand our client and speak clearly.

2. Transparent: We explain everything.

3. Personalized: We offer products for every client. The platform selects and profiles the client to recommend the coverage, the amount insured, other assistance offered and the price to pay; it is not a prepackaged offer.

Klare will work 24/7, 365 days a year, all over Chile. Any person with connection to the internet through their phone or computer can buy insurance directly on this platform, no matter the time or place. All they need is their ID card and their credit card.

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Investor Relations
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