Olis Robotics and iCsys Sign Distribution Partnership for New Machine-Learning ROV Controller

New agreement accelerates commercial traction in strategic North Sea offshore hub of Norway and beyond for cost-saving, precision technology ROV controller

SEATTLE, Washington, Oct. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Olis Robotics, a leader in next generation robotic autonomy solutions, announced a new agreement with iCsys AS, part of the Envirex Group, a leader in the Norwegian market for subsea products and services. iCsys will lead sales, distribution and support of Olis Robotics' machine-learning ROV controllers which increase precision and safety while decreasing costs for ROV operation in the offshore energy market in Norway and beyond.

“We’re excited to continue to see rapid adoption of our technology which provides a major evolutionary leap beyond the 1990’s manual control electronics underpinning current ROV’s,” stated Olis Robotics CEO Don Pickering. “The technology we put into play makes operations safer, provides new levels of clarity and control for operators, and can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per mission by eliminating the need for multiple robots.”

The next-generation Olis Master Controller (OMC) is based on iCsys’ innovative hardware design and is equipped with key software features of the Olis Robotics CoreOS software platform. The OMC provides a user-friendly interface to control ROVs in remote and local configurations which significantly improves task efficiencies and decreases total operating costs. The CoreOS software platform is robot agnostic with the ability to switch control between multiple, different robots and can incorporate future machine perception and machine learning capabilities being developed by Olis.

“Our team extensively tested this technology via multiple sea trials in raw North Sea environments. Through data collected by our test pilots, we know the innovative software and hardware products significantly improve ROV pilot efficiency with manipulation tasks,”  iCsys spokesperson Vidar Haus stated. “We’re pleased to see interested ROV operator customers already filling a significant pipeline to harness the value and cost savings of the new OMC.”

Olis Robotics launched sales of the OMC in the third quarter of 2019. Additional capabilities through the Digital Workspace application for the CoreOS are projected to be released in the first quarter of 2020. The new application enables enhanced 3D machine perception to produce a live 3D work environment and supports further machine learning capability integration. 

ABOUT OLIS ROBOTICS: Olis Robotics, formerly known as BluHaptics, has developed a next-generation software platform that greatly expands the capabilities of pilot-controlled service robots in dynamic environments from space, to subsea and the field. Olis enables vast improvements in robotic dexterity, precision, efficiency, and overall mission success, while simultaneously reducing downtime and driving down costs. Olis Robotics was founded in 2013 as a spinout from the Applied Physics Lab at the University of Washington and is based in Seattle.

ABOUT ICSYS: iCsys AS was established in 2014 as a sister company to Envirex and Envirent AS. iCsys designs and manufactures intelligent control systems (thereof the name Intelligent Control SYStems) for “remote operations.” Beyond oil / gas iCsys also supplies control electronics to ocean research organizations and agriculture equipment manufacturers.


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