Hubbell Communications and DHM Research release report on the rise of socialism in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For some time, national polls and pundits have described the growing acceptance and embrace of socialism, especially among younger Americans. But what about here in Oregon?

Recognizing that the answer to this question may be valuable for Oregon-based marketers, educators, journalists, elected leaders and others, Hubbell Communications partnered with DHM Research to conduct an online survey of over 400 Oregonians. The results and its possible implications, described in the Socialism in Oregon report released today, are striking. Among other things, the report notes:

  • The percentage of younger Oregonians identifying as either “capitalist” or “socialist” is roughly equivalent. Among Oregonians aged 18-34, 29 percent identify as capitalist, while 30 percent identify as socialist
  • 42 percent of those surveyed had a positive impression of socialism while only 34 percent had a positive view of capitalism
  • The most common reasons cited for positive impressions of socialism were that it’s a “fair, equitable system;” “that everyone is taken care of;” “that it’s a good system;” and that “it provides access to healthcare.” Those with negative impressions of socialism believe that “it provides no incentive to work;” “it hasn’t worked historically;” “it lacks individual freedom;” and that “it’s a bad system”
  • The most common reasons cited for positive impressions of capitalism were that “it promotes individual freedom;” “it motivates people to work;” “it promotes competition;” “it’s a good system;” and that “it’s the American system.” Those with negative impressions of capitalism believe that it is “an unfair, inequitable system;” “it benefits corporations, the rich and those with power;” “it’s a bad system;” “it leads to greed, corruption;” and that “people without money suffer, don’t receive basic needs”
  • Generally speaking, younger Oregonians are critical of capitalism’s perceived inequities, but approve of its emphasis on individual freedom and competition. They praise socialism for its perceived equality, but have doubts about its efficacy
  • A plurality of young Oregonians prefer that America become more socialist rather than more capitalist
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is a strong correlation between partisan identification and preferences for changes to America’s economic system. More than 60 percent of Democrats wanted to see American become more socialist. Among Republicans, 56 percent want to see the country become more capitalist
  • 45 percent of younger Oregonians believe that socialism would be better for their “own well-being,” while only 30 percent believe capitalism would be better
  • On effectively addressing societal issues, including social inequality, income inequality, homelessness and poverty, a majority of younger Oregonians favor socialism over capitalism. However, a majority believe that capitalism is better than socialism when it comes to technological innovation and economic growth

The Socialism in Oregon report concludes with treatment around key implications of this study, including a discussion of: economic values as they relate to consumer behavior and lifestyle choices; economic education; the prevailing image challenges for capitalism; and the ethos of entrepreneurism as a possible unifier for economic and social endeavors.

“We believe that this research and our report will provide a unique tool for students, teachers, journalists and policy leaders,” said Scott Bruun, Managing Principal of Hubbell Communications. “It’s our hope that this work will help generate valuable discussions across Oregon.”

Find a link to Socialism in Oregon report here:

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