Gui'an New Area: Developing Intelligent Agriculture and Activating Industrial Spring Water

BEIJING, Oct. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The new model of smart agriculture has saved farmers' minds and increased their incomes. Since intelligent agriculture has taken root in Gui’an, farmers have expressed their preference after tasting the benefits: with big data, it is clear at a glance where the soil is suitable for planting and how.

There is a "Yunshang Agricultural School" in Doochang Village, Gaofeng Town, Gui'an New Area. Farmers here often sit in front of big screens and listen attentively to "experts in the screen " to explain how to achieve scientific planting. Through remote video, farmers can interact with experts at any time to solve the problem of "how to grow" and "how to grow well".

The same "cloud teaching" took place in the village beside the market in Machang Town. Han Xinghua, director of the village, said, "In the past, we harvest or not mostly depended on the God, but now we can trust in high technology." Let farmers learn first, then practice in greenhouses, and integrate the "high-tech" fresh blood, land income increased, and become the best driving force to mobilize farmers' enthusiasm.

Han Xinghua cited an example. In greenhouses, broccoli is planted with an output of more than 2,000 Jin per mu, which is about 3 yuan per catty at market price. The output value of one mu of land in one season exceeds 6,000 yuan. It can be planted for two to three seasons a year. The output value of one mu of land can reach 10,000 to 15,000 yuan a year, excluding cost. "If you plant it in a traditional way, it's a figure you can't imagine." Han Xinghua said.

"West Blue is very delicate, temperature and humidity are very important, a little bad grasp will affect the yield." This is a phrase often spoken by Wang Xianlin, a West Blue Flower grower. Since the installation of the intelligent greenhouse environmental monitoring system, Wang Xianlin no longer worries about when to water, when to fertilize, his heart is counted. "Now I don't have to run into the shed all day. I can know the growth of broccoli in the shed anytime and anywhere by turning on my mobile phone." Wang Xianlin said.

Wang Xianlin has nearly 40 greenhouses. "In the past, what was planted in the field depended entirely on the experience left by our ancestors, and what was planted depended on whether God gave us face or not." Wang Xianlin said, Traditional planting area is small, only one season a year, they have to squat all day in the ground busy work. Now there are greenhouse greenhouses, planting without considering the weather and environment, can be planted two seasons a year. With big data, time is not so tight, and farmers are becoming more motivated.

From one season to many seasons, from single to multiple, applying science and technology to agriculture, farmers in Gui'an New Area have tasted the "sweet head" of smart agriculture.

In July 2019, Guizhou launched the "Summer-Autumn Decision" to fight poverty. It pointed out that a large agricultural data platform should be set up to supervise the whole process from the front end of planting to the end of marketing, so as to improve the digitalization, precision and intelligence level of agricultural production.

As one of the main battlefields for the development of big data in Guizhou, the pace of Gui'an new area towards "smart agriculture" has never stopped: Gui'ao Agricultural and Tourism Industry Demonstration Park uses big data to lead villagers to standardize and scale planting of fruits and vegetables; Gui'hong Agricultural Co., Ltd. makes Apple planting more efficient with the help of science and technology; Gui'an New District Lixiang Eco-agriculture Co., Ltd. uses market-oriented thinking to build a modern urban landscape tea garden which integrates sightseeing, leisure, experience processing, taste and sales...

In July 2015, Gui'an Agricultural and Tourism Industry Demonstration Park, the first large data agricultural demonstration project in Gui'an New Area, started construction. In just a few years, seven intelligent greenhouses have been built, including high-efficiency vegetable and fruit planting and picking experience hall, flower planting exhibition hall, factory nursery center, tropical fruit planting and picking experience hall, ecological fruit and vegetable experience hall, etc. The cooperative construction of RV camping base, container beauty house, student nutrition meal distribution center and Dajian in Guian New Area has been completed. Kang Pharmaceutical Museum and other projects have formed a smart agricultural tourism demonstration base integrating scientific and technological planting demonstration, agricultural tourism, leisure sightseeing and ecological food distribution.

At present, Gui'ao Agricultural and Tourism Industry Demonstration Park has signed "Big Data Agricultural Precision Poverty Alleviation Agreement" and "Seed Production and Marketing Agreement" with 11 villages, such as Changbian Village, to help these villages grow eco-fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes and strawberries with high economic value by using online "Yunshang Agricultural School".

In accordance with the requirements of the "Summer and Autumn Decision" order for poverty alleviation and fortification, the organization mode of "leading enterprises + cooperatives + peasant households" should be popularized according to local conditions to improve the degree of peasant organization. "75 people have been employed in Guiao Park, 80% of them are local villagers." Wang Junli, head of Guiao Agricultural and Tourism Industry Demonstration Park, told reporters that, using offline base, Guiao Park has fully radiated more than 500 villagers to participate in poverty alleviation, planting and breeding, 11 cooperatives and more than 1000 villagers around it.

In recent years, Gui'an New Area has been committed to accelerating the cultivation and development of large data industry, building a data management system of "one heart, two clouds and five platforms", using "cloud thinking" to direct the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture to "smart agriculture", and exploring a new model of precise poverty alleviation with large data. We also use big data technology to gather two clouds of "Yunshang Farm and Yunshang Agricultural School" to build "Guian Precision Poverty Alleviation Cloud Platform, Big Data Agricultural Supervision Platform, Video E-commerce Sales Platform, People's livelihood supervision and public announcement platform, People's livelihood supervision and inquiry platform", and then use "a set of systems, two clouds and five platforms" to explore Big. Poverty alleviation and large data, large agriculture integration and linkage development model, to help rural revitalization.

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