Zendrive’s latest connected car solution curbs speeding

Zendrive enables driving safety analysis and collision detection features in Verizon’s Hum mobile app

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People seem to have a blind spot when it comes to speeding: despite 83% of people believing speeding is unsafe, 64% self-report speeding regularly. Drivers have a minimal perception of the risk of speeding, despite studies showing that it accounts for more than a quarter (26%) of all traffic fatalities. It’s as deadly as drunk driving, the faster the deadlier.

To keep loved ones safe on the road, Zendrive through its mobile tech helps enable Hum, Verizon’s connected car solution to improve driving safety. This technology shows a marked reduction in speeding through a feedback loop that allows people to see how their overall driving safety score changes over time, using the sensors on the phone alone.

Results from a six-month study of Hum users show that over 30% of drivers showed an overall reduction in speeding. The average driver reduced their speeding time by 0.24 minutes/hour. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, that behavioral change equates to millions of hours every month where drivers are no longer speeding: enough to circle the Earth over 2,000 times. Since even a 5% decrease in speed relates to an average 20% reduction in fatal crashes, small shifts in behavior can have a substantial impact.

“Zendrive was founded to make roads safe using data and analytics,” said Zendrive CEO & Co-founder, Jonathan Matus. “Our last school safety study showed us that the roads around our country’s schools are dangerous, and speeding makes them worse. Through this partnership with Verizon, our ability to surface regular feedback helped drivers understand their actual behavior and empowered them to make meaningful changes that will make roads safer for all.”

Have a teen driver? Check out helpful hints here, and download Hum on iOS or Android.  Customers receive 30 days free with a subscription.

About Zendrive
Zendrive works to make roads safer with data and analytics. Winner of Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Innovation Technology Award and powered by the world's largest data set of more than 180 billion mobile driving miles, Zendrive uses AI and machine learning to improve driver safety and help insurers accelerate their digital transformation. World-class insurers rely on Zendrive to price risk in real-time, dramatically improving their combined ratios with cutting-edge offerings. Zendrive’s patented algorithms and precise insights help reduce collision risk by 49%, adding millions in revenue to industry-leading partners including Juno, Grupo Sura, and AXA XL. Zendrive was recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2018 and won the 2017 Best Startup in San Francisco award.

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