GNB Industrial Power Launches Expanded Line of GNB Fury X-3 Chargers

New 9 kW, Three-Bay and 30kW, 10-Bay model Chargers with Patent-Pending Features Meet Expanded Customer Needs

Milton, Georgia, Oct. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GNB Industrial Power, a Division of Exide Technologies (, announced today new additions to its GNB® Fury X-3™ charger line. The company is rolling out new three-bay and ten-bay GNB Fury X-3 charger models.  The chargers presently are available in a six-bay version. The 3-bay, 6-bay and 10-bay models can be configured for 3-9kW, 3-18kW and 18-30kW power levels respectively by installing the desired number of highly reliable and efficient Fury 3kW power modules.

“GNB’s versatile line of Fury X-3 chargers enable our material handling customers to optimally manage their industrial battery fleets with increased uptime and reduced costs,” said Matt Gould, Vice President Marketing and Sales, GNB Industrial Power. “These new additions to our charger line are designed to meet evolving customer needs and the increasing demands placed upon fleets.”

There are also new features for all of the company’s Fury X-3 chargers. The Fury X-3 charger line comes with GNB’s patent-pending anti-arc disconnect technology, which extends the life of the charger by greatly reducing connector damage during hot disconnects and significantly lowers maintenance costs. This Active Arc Suppression feature also allows for high rate (up to .3C) charging using standard SB connectors, with no aux pins required.

New features available for all three models of the GNB Fury X-3 charger line include 72/80V dual voltage power modules, which allow the charger to grow with customer fleets, as well as 24-volt CEC compliant power modules that support expanding energy demands in the material handling industry.

First introduced in 2018, the GNB Fury X-3 charger line includes models that are UL-Certified for Lithium-ion batteries. All models of the motive power chargers are configurable for both opportunity and fast charging and feature a flexible modular construction with multi-voltage output to meet the diverse demands of material handling battery fleets.

Additional advantages of GNB Fury X-3 chargers include:

  • Lithium-ion battery capability, with the 18kW, six-bay Fury X-3 UL certified for Lithium-ion
  • Ability to charge lead-acid batteries (Flooded, VRLA, AGM, and Gel)
  • Proprietary Active Arc Suppression feature
  • Output range from 3 -30 kW with up to 10-bay cabinets
  • Silicon Carbide MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) power technology for efficient high-frequency power conversion
  • Multiple communications interfaces (PLC, RS, 232, CAN, WiFi, BlueTooth, USB)

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