HumanEyes Technologies Announces HumanEyes Cloud 1.0 Beta

New cloud-based platform will accelerate VR ecosystem growth and adoption by putting high-performance 5G-enabled, hosting, editing, stitching and streaming in the hands of VR content creators

NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HumanEyes Technologies, a leading 3D-Virtual Reality holistic solutions developer, today announced the upcoming release of the HumanEyes Cloud® 1.0 Beta, a suite of cloud-based production services and hosting options for VR content creators. The HumanEyes Cloud platform, designed from the ground up, simplifies the Capture-Create-Share workflow making 360 and VR180 pictures and videos more accessible, fostering the growth and market adoption of VR content and technologies. The Beta program is expected to begin in mid-November.

Adoption of Virtual Reality, like many new paradigm-changing technologies, is an evolutionary process that requires education, industry support, and the development of requisite technologies and software tools. As one of the early pioneers in Virtual Reality, HumanEyes, building on their 3rd generation 3D and 360 capture technology, designed and built the HumanEyes Cloud platform to overcome some of these obstacles and help accelerate adoption by enterprises and consumer users alike.

Utilizing forward-compatible 5G and Edge Computing solutions, this initial release, under beta, provides Vuze Camera users direct upload capabilities and moves processor-intensive work such as stitching, stabilization and image alignment of 360-degree and VR 180 pictures and videos from their camera or mobile phone to powerful edge computers on the network. The use of cloud-based computing makes full resolution 5.7k and higher VR production possible on mobile phones, tablets and consumer grade computers. The platform will also be open for hosting, streaming and sharing of any VR media captured with other VR cameras.

“Our goal from the outset has been to build a camera-agnostic VR video editing platform that dramatically simplifies the creation and sharing of content across platforms,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of HumanEyes Technologies. “We also wanted to eliminate the need for high-powered phones and computers in the editing and stitching process by building a platform with all the tools and horsepower in the cloud. While we will be rolling out this functionality in phases, the HumanEyes Cloud platform will include a robust suite of tools for hosting content, streaming content playback, sharing over multiple apps, editing and stitching content, publishing content, and much more.”

HumanEyes Cloud 1.0 Beta is expected to be available in mid-November to select enterprise and production partners. To request participation in the beta program please contact

About HumanEyes Technologies:
HumanEyes Technologies Ltd (HET) is an innovative, R&D powerhouse, providing holistic 3D-Virtual Reality development and system solutions. The company, founded in digital graphics and imaging systems, has pioneered the natural evolution to immersive imaging through their high performance, yet reasonably affordable 3D-VR solutions. Since 2014 the innovative Vuze camera line, combined with its creative suite, provides end-to-end edit and sharing solutions for Enterprise, Professional, and Enthusiast segments. The company's products and services leverage HET's patented 3D and Virtual Reality technologies.

HumanEyes is headquartered in Israel with offices in the U.S. For more information on HumanEyes, go to For more information on the Vuze XR Camera, please visit

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