Amalgam Insights Market Landscape Report Defines Key Open Source and Toolchain Trends to Keep Applications Up to Date in 2020

CI/CD evolving rapidly to support Kubernetes and microservices; report cautions companies should be patient in seeking positive return on investment

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amalgam Insights, a research firm focused on maximizing the business value of technology, today issued a first-of-its-kind “state of the industry” report on Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), outlining benefits and challenges facing companies seeking to support modern software deployments and releases. 

CI/CD is a key element in software development, especially as the global economy is increasingly dependent on building high quality software that meets customer demands as fast as possible.  CI/CD is seen as a key element in supporting digital transformation and new business models as they compete and cooperate with Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other digital giants. 

The Market Landscape report, “CI/CD:  Process, Projects, and Products,” is authored by Research Fellow Tom Petrocelli.  It cites four major goals for CI/CD, solving what he calls “severe problems in release and deployment processes” in software development:

  • Faster code releases
  • Higher throughput of code releases
  • Fewer errors
  • Minimizing organizational disruptions

Petrocelli says automation is at the heart of CI/CD efforts, delivering “less stress on developers and operations personnel. With deployment pipelines automated, there is no longer a need for DevOps teams to attend deployments late at night or on weekends.”

Petrocelli cautions, however, that companies engaging in a CI/CD initiative should not expect an immediate return on their investment.  “We are still living in the DIY (Do It Yourself) Age of CI/CD. IT teams are putting a lot of time, money, and efforts into building out their own toolchains from commercial and open source products,” But he also notes significant progress is being made:  “This is changing, however, as more complete end-to-end solutions come online and the necessity of building out a toolchain from piece parts diminishes.”

The report names a dozen leading vendors of CI/CD tools at a time when CI/CD solutions are at a point of inflection from point solutions to end-to-end pipelines.  It explains what enterprises need to do in considering new investments and policies for their software development and management strategies, including DIY, Open Source, and Cloud methods.

 Petrocelli concludes the Amalgam Insights report by saying CI/CD and Kubernetes, which he calls “the base of next generation IT platforms,” are dependent on each other for adoption in enterprise deployments.  The two, he says, are “yoked technologies” that have significant growth potential.

Copies of the Market Landscape are available at; Petrocelli is available to speak on the challenges of supporting enterprise software at

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