PhenoMx looks to technology to tackle healthcare inequality

LONDON, Nov. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inequality in healthcare remains a significant challenge. More than 70 years after the formation of the World Health Organisation, access to adequate standards of healthcare still depends heavily on where an individual lives and their level of income.

Firms like PhenoMx, however, are working hard to ensure that global health inequities are addressed. In an exclusive article in The New Economy, company co-founder and CEO Mark Punyanitya and COO Mark Luhovy MD, alongside John Matthew Douglas, spoke about how software as a service (SaaS) technology can help level the playing field.

“Individuals, communities, health insurers and public health more generally are more effectively influenced beyond the walls of hospitals,” the article explains. “Community organisations connected by SaaS technology currently only scratch the surface in terms of early disease intervention. Healthcare providers must go further by investigating the sources of the disease.”

In a separate video interview, Punyanitya and Maneesh Juneja, a digital health futurist, note how many healthcare improvements are coming from outside the industry, making use of consumer technologies like wearables and mobile applications to provide more convenience and accessibility. At PhenoMx, for example, the company is striving to liberate medical imaging, making the technology more readily available.

“We’re taking highly advanced imaging capabilities but using the ubiquity of technology to disperse it, dispense it anywhere, anytime,” Punyanitya said. “Making the gap between the health disparities much closer together.”

With billions of people around the world still lacking consistent access to good quality healthcare, the work being done by companies like PhenoMx is of paramount importance. As the global population continues to grow, lowering the cost and boosting the efficiency of healthcare solutions will remain one of the world’s most pressing challenges.  

To find out more about PhenoMx and the company’s efforts to democratise healthcare, be sure to pick up the current issue of The New Economy, available online, in print and on mobile now.

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