Octarine Releases Continuous Kubernetes Security Solution to Protect Workloads Across Multi-Cluster Environments on Any Cloud

Octarine Infuses Agile Security and Compliance into CI/CD and DevOps Pipelines with Guardrails™ and Protects Workloads at Runtime with a Service Mesh Firewall

SUNNYVALE, CA, Nov. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Octarine has announced the general availability of its continuous security and compliance platform for Kubernetes workloads. Octarine embeds DevSecOps into the complete lifecycle of application development from pre-production through runtime. It protects code and configurations from Day 0 with Guardrails™ for developers, and adds network visibility and threat remediation at runtime with a lightweight service mesh. Octarine protects applications on any cloud and in multi-cluster environments. 

“Developers are now given more control over mission critical infrastructure than ever, such as defining ingress and egress, permissions settings, and root access,” said Haim Helman, Octarine co-founder and CTO. “When deployed to production, identifying and understanding unusual activity in the orchestration layer becomes especially difficult because security vulnerabilities remains hidden in libraries, code, privilege permissions, and within the configuration of Kubernetes. Octarine protects against threats not addressed by scanning alone.”

Octarine delivers centralized visibility and control over the security posture of Kubernetes workload configurations and ranks threats by urgency. It then extends visibility and threat and anomaly detection through runtime based on curated Kubernetes attack signatures, enabling encryption, segmentation, and network security policy enforcement for network service communications. 

Its first public release focuses on two core offerings: 

  • Octarine Guardrails: Enforce and automate compliance policies based on NIST, CIS, or custom benchmarks to unleash agile delivery to Kubernetes clusters that is safe, secure, and compliant from Day 0, without getting in developments’ way. 
  • Octarine Runtime: Detect and protect against threats such as code and SQL injections, data exfiltration, remote command execution, and privilege escalations throughout the complete Kubernetes application lifecycle with Octarine’s lightweight, Envoy-based service mesh firewall. Octarine also operationalizes and extends security to any service mesh that utilizes Envoy, such as Istio. 

“Companies are deploying production applications on Kubernetes with mission critical data, but they are flying blind,” says Shemer Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Octarine. “We see the service mesh as the ideal place to introduce threat detection, anomaly detection, and network segmentation based on service identity to protect all of the communications between services and traffic.”

“Ensuring the security posture of our Kubernetes applications is foundational to our business and for protecting the data of our endany users,” said Trevor Bossert, Head of DevOps at Primer. “We have been working with Octarine to find ways to automate policies ensuring that development was safe from day 0 and to increase our security controls for Kubernetes in runtime. We believe that this type of technology would add value to companies utilizing Kubernetes and give peace of mind that workloads are protected across every layer of the stack.”  

Octarine was founded in 2017 and has raised $9 million by Accel Partners, Battery Ventures, Liberty Technology Venture Capital, and Sorenson Capital. In development for more than two years, Octarine has been hardening its platform with early customers that include global financial organizations, IoT leaders, SaaS providers, and the Fortune 100.  


Octarine is an agile, multi-cluster network security platform for Kubernetes applications that simplifies DevSecOps and ensures that cloud native environments are secure and compliant, from development through runtime. It infuses security into CI/CD worklflows with Guardrails, CIS-benchmark compliance policy templates that keep code and configurations safe without getting in development’s way, and provides a secure runtime proxy layer that protects against threats known and unknown across network traffic communications. Founded in 2017, Octarine has raised $9M from Accel Partners, Battery Ventures, Liberty Technology Venture Capital, and Sorenson Capital. It is based in Sunnyvale, CA. Learn more about Octarine and www.octarinesec.com


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