Delphix Unveils Delphix 6.0, Launches Industry’s First DataOps Marketplace

Enterprises can now extend Delphix's DataOps platform and leverage the new marketplace to automate, accelerate, and support enterprise DevOps workflows

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Delphix, the company helping enterprises accelerate innovation through DataOps, today announced the availability of the latest release of their flagship product that includes a host of new openness and extensibility capabilities aimed at fueling rapid application development for enterprises. With the ability to rapidly deliver secure data from any database in cloud and hybrid cloud environments, the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform (DDDP) v.6.0 eliminates test data wait times and significantly accelerates application release cadence. The company also announced the release of the new DataOps Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind destination for data teams to easily integrate any and all data sources with DevOps tools, cloud platforms, and other parts of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Effective digital transformation requires competency not just in developing software quickly and reliably, but also delivering and securing data across the enterprise. While most organizations have embraced DevOps to improve agility, velocity, quality, and reliability in software development, digital transformation leaders are waking up to the need for DataOps to address similar data challenges. Besides helping accelerate business insights, many organizations are finding that effective DataOps is critical for rapid application development and software delivery in an increasingly complex world.

“Fast, secure access to data is the biggest roadblock facing enterprises today, preventing them from continuous innovation and addressing the realities of modern privacy risks,” said Delphix CTO Eric Schrock. “Delphix 6.0 is the only DataOps platform that empowers companies to collaborate with and manage secure data from any data source, helping them reach their strategic business objectives by delivering the right data to the right users at the right time.”

Highlights of the Delphix 6.0 Platform include:

  • Support for Google Cloud: Enables enterprises to deploy Delphix on the Google Cloud Platform, in addition to existing support for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Virtualization SDK: Provides the unique ability to develop plugins for any data source.
  • Extensible Masking: Enables partners to create tailored masking solutions as enterprises look to extend Delphix to mask a broader set of data, databases, files and integrated systems that are used with their applications.

“Enterprises look to Google Cloud to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and support critical business initiatives,” said Robert Harper, Director, Channel Sales, Partnerships & Alliances, Google Cloud. “This Delphix integration is an important development for enterprise customers to accelerate DevOps and application workload delivery to Google Cloud Platform.”

Much has been done to remove software delivery friction from development to production through tools and techniques such as DevOps, continuous integration/continuous delivery, API-driven infrastructure provisioning and configuration, and more; yet streamlining and securing data delivery for software testing continues to lag. This problem is further exacerbated by an increasingly complex software development context: distributed applications sprawled across multiple clouds, leveraging heterogeneous data sources and subject to rapidly emerging and disjointed global data privacy regulations. The resulting bottlenecks siphon valuable development time while teams wait for the data they need. According to 451 Research, 78% of respondents report waiting several days for access to data, and 84% agree that lack of access negatively impacts development productivity and agility.

Without the freedom to move data freely across the business — all the while avoiding increased security risk — enterprises cannot keep pace with the cycle of innovation in today’s data-driven economy. In this latest release, Delphix has addressed these challenges by streamlining the path to agility, removing data friction for enterprises that understand the need to continuously innovate in order to survive. With improved extensibility for virtualization and masking across any data source, anywhere, DDDP 6.0 is the only DataOps solution specifically designed to meet the challenges of modern application development.

DataOps Gets its First Marketplace!

In addition, Delphix has established a brand new DataOps Marketplace – a first-of-its-kind destination aimed at showcasing how rapid and secure data delivery can be combined with development workflows across a diverse set of databases on premises or in the cloud. Highlights of the marketplace include:

  • Data Sources Showcase: Examples of Delphix’s native integrations as well as integrations based on the Virtualization SDK, giving customers and partners a head-start to virtualizing and distributing a broad set of data to their development and test teams.
  • DevOps And Automation Showcase: Open source code packages to help customers and partners get a head-start in integrating Delphix into their DevOps workflows using Delphix APIs.
  • Cloud Deployment Showcase: Showcasing Delphix’s ability to work in multi-cloud environments.  

“As enterprises embrace cloud platforms for added efficiency and agility, they are starting to realize that managing and distributing data across highly distributed environments is a major impediment to speed,” said Leonardo Vomero, Executive Sponsor Accenture Cloud Innovation Center (ACIC) Roma, “We’re seeing an increase in companies embracing  DataOps platforms, as a way to open up data bottlenecks, accelerate innovation, and support mission-critical digital transformation initiatives.”

Commentary from the Industry:

Leading Analysts from Around the Globe

  • "As companies move along their DevOps and Cloud journeys, they are waking up to the realization that access to data can cause delays that slow their DevOps teams down; holding them back from achieving the speed necessary to compete in today's digital business landscape," said Jim Mercer, Research Director, IDC. "Effective DevOps teams need self-service access to data that can be driven by APIs and supports diverse data sources that may be located on-premises or in the cloud."
  • "Our latest data shows that investing in analytics and managing data are the top priorities for Australian businesses in 2020. Having a platform that can help developers get access to data to drive more intelligent applications and processes that help businesses and their customers make better, faster and more accurate decisions will be critical in helping them achieve those goals,” said Tim Sheedy, Principal Advisor, EcoSystm.
  • "The Delphix DataOps marketplace is the logical next step for the company. It will allow customers and partners to create, share, access and even monetise the work they have undertaken in making Delphix work across the many systems and data sources that complex businesses work with today and tomorrow. This marketplace will accelerate the opportunities for Delphix and their customers to integrate all their data sources into their DevOps workflows,” added Tim Sheedy, Principal Advisor, EcoSystm.

The Delphix Partner Ecosystem

  • “A lack of automation around database testing, change validation, and database code deployments is a major threat to an organization’s ability to keep pace with customer demands,” said Robert Reeves, CTO and co-founder of Datical. “As technology executives search for ways to accelerate application delivery and remove errors, the resolution is simple – shift left and make data provisioning and database schema and logic changes into a self-service process for developers. Teams that don’t automate this part of the application development process will not be able to safely deliver new innovation at the pace demanded by the business.”
  • “Data is a critical ingredient for all applications, but replicating it across environments is often slow and becomes a bottleneck for even the most sophisticated DevOps practices,” said Richard Nuñez, XebiaLabs Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “The new DataOps Marketplace empowers companies by providing access to high-quality, accurate data so they can reliably, quickly, and securely release applications to production in the cloud.”
  • "We are excited to be able to provide our clients with solutions to the complex use cases found in their real-world environments. One of these solutions is the Axis Mongo Virtualization toolkit that extends the features of the Delphix Virtualization SDK,” said Mike Logan, CEO of Axis Technology.

For more information on the latest version of Delphix, 6.0, please visit our website.

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